Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years Released Today!



Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years, the collection of inspirational and thought-provoking reflections based upon “The Andy Griffith Show,” was released today. The collection of inspirational essays is based upon the important, timeless lessons found in a television show that aired in the 1960s which are still popular with viewers today.
Ken Anderson was born in Evanston, Illinois and is a Graduate of University
of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, with a degree in Elementary Education. He also did
Graduate Studies at University of Wisconsin � Eau Claire. He spent 36 years
as an elementary teacher in Wisconsin, was listed in 1994�s Who�s Who Among
America�s Teachers, and received An Outstanding Wisconsin Elementary Teacher
Award in 1974.
Very active in his community, he is a former board member for Eau Claire
County Humane Association and received their Humane Education Award in 1997.
He also served on Eau Claire County Selective Service System Board for five
years and is a
current member of the board for Sacred Heart Hospital Volunteer Partners in
Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Currently a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Eau
Claire, Wisconsin, he has served as a youth mentor for confirmation
students; is one of the lectors for scripture readings on Sunday mornings;
has done individual volunteer student tutoring at an elementary school in
Eau Claire; served on numerous church committees and church councils over
the years; and currently volunteers about 40 hours a month at Sacred Heart
Hospital at the Regional Cancer Center.
He is an avid reader of English mysteries; enjoys driving his 1966 restored
Chevrolet convertible in area parades; writing poetry; model trains;
attending bible studies; listening to Celtic music; attending plays and
concerts; and watching Andy Griffith Show Reruns.
He is a collector of various Mayberry collectible items including the entire
Hawthorn Mayberry Village Collection. The organizer of a Mayberry Memories
Fan Club in Eau Claire, he teaches the “Back to Mayberry Bible Study,” a
mini-class on Mayberry.
Ken thinks that it is important for today�s readers to understand that the
values that were found in Mayberry are as important today as they were back
when Mayberry first aired. He wants to give readers some things to reflect
upon as they watch the wonderful episodes that show life as it was in
His published writings include short stories and articles published in the
Lutheran Digest and Family Life Today, poetry included in an anthology,
Earthshine, published by Poetry Press, and a number of articles published by
various newspapers. He also has a number of poems that were included in the
anthology, The Mayberry Poem: A Tribute to Mayberry.
For more information and regular updates, visit Ken’s website
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