Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry

April is National Poetry Month. Celebrate by writing a poem about Mayberry!
Following are some of the verses from The Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry. More info can be found at:Mayberry Poem – “A Tribute to Mayberry”

The Guitar, The Porch & Other Things
With the whole world today…
Caught up in a race
We long for a less troubled time
Where the bitter seemed sweeter…
And the harsh so much easier
And enemies were harder to find
Where feelings weren’t fickle…
Over a bad Aunt Bee pickle
In a town that for the most part was dry
Except when you noticed… Loveable Otis
Walking a dog only seen through his eyes
There’s sweet Thelma Lou…
She’s the Cats through and through
And to one man she is Mrs. Right
This couple is no Quitter…
But I hope she don’t litter
And get a ticket from Her Deputy Fife
Where the town is much richer…
When you have a great teacher
Like the one that we see in Miss Crump
She’s real true to Andy…She doesn’t act fancy
Or read gossip papers down at the dump
Today we have Homer…
But we used to have Gomer
And Cousin Goober that Would always say “Hey”
With one’s owl-like “Hootie..and the other’s..”Judy! Judy! Judy!
It’s just something that you don’t hear these days
There’s a character still..that came from the Hills
Mrs. Wiley tried to give him some class
But Andy’s project failed..and soon a rock sailed
And met with the shatter of glass
He’s a wonder to all..though he’s not very tall
Barney thinks he’s a nut with no class
On Charlene’s Wedding Day..
Barney did run away
With that mountain man…Ernest T. Bass
It’s a place you can go..
You don’t need much dough
For a bottle of pop or a shave
It’s a blast from the past..
home to Huckleberry Smash
Floyd the barber so incredibly craves
Where Good Sheriff Taylor..
and his little son Opie
Go fishing sometimes with Barn’
Where there seems not a care..
The Jail’s mostly bare
And your neighbor will do you no harm
Where the gentle strumming of strings..
On an old front porch swing
Sparks a memory of a time that’s gone by
Where you might hear a starling..
or a family of Darlings
Sing a song that may just make you cry
It’s so dear to the heart..
Though the town may be small
And the pace may seem laid back and slow
Let’s please keep it that way…
When you visit each day
While watching…The Andy Griffith Show
Freddie Armstrong Jr. Tullahoma, TN

Our deputy Barney is always so hip,
Uniformed, handy bullet-to-go.
Salt ‘n pepper suit just right for the dip
While he searches for crime high and low
Ever the lawman, a sight for sore eyes
Under cover and under duress,
We love Barney Fife when he’s in disguise
Wearing his favorite dress!
Sharon de Spain

A red-headed waitress showed up at the diner.
Goober thought no gal could be any finer.
Although at first she had eyes just for Andy,
Goober thought Flora was dandy.
To the woods and courthouse Flora tracked Andy down,
Made Goober unhappy and made Helen frown,
Until Andy set her straight with these words true,
“Goober’s the feller for you.”
Now she’s sweet on Goober and does what she can
To make him feel special and help out her man.
Who else looks so good in slacks out at Wallys?
Goober’s gal Flora, by golly!
Kathryn Darden, Nashville, TN

Loveable Floyd, when I visit your shop
You welcome me over to chat.
You offer a chair and a lollipop
And tell me to take off my hat.
You call out “next”, to my feet I bound
Wrapped in a towel like a yoke,
Combing and snipping you swivel me ’round
While you tell me the funniest joke!
For a scalp treatment scented with lime,
I’ll come again, later today
I wanted to hear just one more time
What Calvin Coolidge would say!
Sharon de Spain

Mr. Schwump
When the men in the Mayberry stag line clump
You might just notice dear Mr. Schwump.
He’s not a big talker but the Schwump has class
And he’s brave enough to pinch ol’ Ernest T. Bass!
With a smile and a nod (but not much to say),
Mr. Schwump is a keeper…if he’ll loose the toupee!
Kathryn E. Darden, Nashville, TN

At Wallys
Goober and Gomer and Flora all know,
There’s a great place in town where the townfolk can go
Grab a bottle of soda or just shoot the breeze.
There’s a charge made for gas; water and air are free!
Pumping 80 gallons daily, they serve with a smile,
So if you need a fill up, get one – Wally’s style!
“Water and air are free….. we make a charge for gas though” — Gomer Pyle
Thelma Kathryn

Almost a Band
They had a marching band,
Big on swagger and preen.
The mayor said, “The state’s worst,”
Barney thought they were keen.
Auton Miller, Piney Flats, TN

All Souls Church
In Mayberry there was a special place
Where folks could go if they were feelin’ low.
A place for answers when you need to search.
In Mayberry that place was All Souls Church.
Fellowship was a priority.
They cared, you see, for folks like you and me.
And folks would never leave you in the lurch –
The kindly members found at All Souls Church.
So if you’re searching for a better way
Forget your cares and join the songs and prayers.
Perhaps you’ll pick a pew and find a perfect perch–
Become a member here at All Souls Church! (KD)

A Senior Moment
A place as fair as Mayberry
Would be just fine for you and me.
The sheriff there is strong and brave
And aging drivers he could save
When off the road we veer a bit,
Then jerk back on and almost hit
A blue sedan coming our way
And fines we are about to pay.
But Sheriff Taylor with some smiles
Might caution that the next few miles
We let our pickup have a rest
And go and take a driver’s test!
Jane Hutto, Pensacola, FL

It’s Christmas in Mayberry, the mountains are white
Opie and his friends are all filled with delight.
The town is lit up, wreaths are on every door
Andy whistles the carols he’s whistled before.
Opie skips along Main Street to hear the Mayberry band,
Leon lopes close behind him; what’s that in his hand?
No, it isn’t a sandwich’s sticky remains,
It’s Christmas and he clutches a new candy cane!
They arrive at the band shell where they join Aunt Bee
She has a basket of goodies for the picnic, you see.
An old man greets Bee; he’s delighted to see her;
The former town grump – our good friend Ben Weaver.
Soon Floyd shows up, joined by Howard, Mike, Sam.
Goober stops to say “Hey;” Gomer joins the band.
The band strikes up some carols, then Barn starts to sing,
But they unplugged his microphone so the harmonies ring.
Aunt Bee spreads a blanket on the rather cold lawn,
Folks are bundled up snug with their winter coats on.
Otis keeps warm in his own special way;
But it’s not from the bottle his cheer comes this day!
Soon Andy appears with his barbershop quartet
And they sing some fine carols, it’s the best they’ve done yet!
Then the church choir joins in to sing “O Holy Night”
When the good folk of Mayberry see a beautiful sight.
Through the lights on the houses a new glow appears
As the first snowflakes fall on the town they hold dear.
Aunt Bee packs up the picnic, Goober grabs one last wing,
And the choir and quartet all continue to sing.
Opie and Leon and Mike and their friends
Are still laughing and singing as the band concert ends.
Then they hook up with Andy and he hooks up with Barn;
They find Thelma Lou and Helen and walk off arm in arm
To the Taylor home where they will share Christmas fun;
For it’s Christmas in Mayberry — Merry Christmas, everyone!
© 2001 by Kathryn E. Darden

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