The Mayberry Carnival


Kathryn E. Darden
Feb 27, 2011



Are you a Mayberry fan? Do you enjoy word games like Word Association, Hangman, Quotes and Trivia? If the answer is yes, the Mayberry Carnival is for you. The Mayberry Carnival is part of Mayberry USA, a discussion board with forums dedicated to discussing "The Andy Griffith Show." Other forums include general discussion at Floyd's Barbershop, and discussions about various cast members.

Mayberry USA joined the EZBoard family in 2001. The Mayberry Carnival was added in May of 2005, right before the entire EZBoard system was attacked and many boards were wiped clean of post. The Mayberry Carnival was relaunched in June and has rapidly become a fun and interactive place to play games and post comments about Mayberry.

There is no fee to register for EZBoards. Anyone who enjoys Mayberry is welcome to join.


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