Max Hsu, Ian Eskelin, and that Other Guy

Letters to the Editor

March 26, 2002
I read an article about Superchic(k)…
You know…
With Max Hsu…
and “his” former band Zero…
You know…
With Ian Eskelin…
and i think there was this one Other Guy…
Hmmm? Oh well… can’t remember…
… THAT is why i got out of the “Christian” INDUSTRY…
With such a small “market”… there’s not enough to share…
…so they climb over people to get higher…
take ALL the credit for themselves… and cut others out of the picture…
— The Other Guy.

May 25, 2002

To the editor
It came to my attention that on your website you have a letter published which makes some allegations about both Ian Eskelin and I. I haven’t talked to Ian about this, but I assume that he as much as I would appreciate the chance to respond. I’m not sure what article
“the other guy” is referring to, or in what context he’s drawing from so I can’t completely respond, but I can guess on a couple things.

To clear things up for the record:
Zero’s third member was Luke Mazzerri (sp?) from Elgin, IL and is a talented songwriter and programmer. I certainly hope that I haven’t
inadvertently given the impression that Ian and I were the only 2 members of Zero, Ian and I went to school together so Ian’s name
comes to me a lot easier. In fact I haven’t seen Ian in a while and hope he’s doing well. I fell out of touch with Luke, but remember
him fondly, his brother was actually in CoR for a very brief stint and I hope both brothers are doing well.

Luke if this is you, and you’re certainly the only one who could take credit being the other guy, (if it’s not luke than I suggest you see a
counselor unless of course you’re caesar…. in which case.. well call me…) I apologize if it seems like I was “taking ALL the credit”. I
actually really don’t care about credit. You played your part in Zero, you were smarter than me in many ways and more in touch with
dance/techno/industrial too. I learned things from you and you paid me one of my most memorable compliments when you recorded a
tape of me noodling around on a piano patch one day in the studio, so you could listen to it later. You may not remember it, but I do.
I’d like to hear what you’re up to old friend.. e-mail me at the superchic[k] site.
peace and brotherlove


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