Macy’s Agrees to Say Merry Christmas

The Committee to Save Merry Christmas today announced Macy’s Department Stores has agreed to return the phase “Merry Christmas” to store signage and advertising. “On behalf of every American who celebrates the real meaning of Christmas, we applaud Macy’s decision and hope other retailers will follower their lead,” said Manual Zamorano, chairman of the Committee to Save Merry Christmas. Macy’s letter of agreement can be found at
On the heels of this major victory, the Committee to Save Merry Christmas has announced a national boycott against Sears Department Stores for the 2005 Christmas season. “Pro-Christmas Americans should avoid the ‘Bah, Humbug’ attitude of Sears this Christmas shopping season,” said Zamorano. Sears has rejected several requests that “Merry Christmas” signs be returned and posted in their stores and that their advertising both acknowledge and respect the time-honored phrase “Merry Christmas.”
“Sears is in need of an extreme makeover in regards to their discrimination and bias against Christmas,” said Zamorano. “Over the past several years, Sears has systematically removed references to Merry Christmas. Inviting us to shop for Christmas gifts yet eliminating Merry Christmas is offensive to the sensibilities of millions of average Americans. Eliminating ‘Merry Christmas’ is plain wrong. It’s time to remove Sears from your Christmas shopping list.”

The Committee to Save Merry Christmas is asking Americans to boycott Sears and shop elsewhere. Americans should contact Sears and urge them to respect to “Merry Christmas”:
CWA: Macy’s Makes Santa’s ‘Nice’ List!


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