Lovely Video Shows Relationship Between Marriage and the Gospel

“This Is About That” video beautifully depicts the intricate relationship between marriage and the Gospel.  

It’s June and that means it’s wedding season as couples contemplate marriage vows and lifelong wedded union with each other. In honor of wedding season, Christian Activities has brought back this article about how closely marriage relates to the gospel from our archives.

Relationship Between Marriage and Gospel

A church in England, Kings Church Eastbourne, has produced a lovely video to show the deep, intricate symbolism between the marriage covenant and the relationship between Christ and the church.

The “This Is About That” video illustrates some of the ways marriage reflects the gospel.

The short, fast-paced video about love, marriage and the gospel is definitely worth watching. Take a look at “This Is About That” to better understand the depth of the love relationship between Christ and the church and see both your faith and your marriage in a different light.

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See the “This Is About That” marriage video here.

This article on marriage is from our archives, June 8, 2017.

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