Lost in Wonder: Voices of Worship — Ashton, Tumes, Dente

Lost In Wonder: is the latest contemporary worship project to feature three of Christian Music’s most talented female vocalists, Susan Ashton, Christine Dente and Michelle Tumes. The trio share vocal duties on this collection of twelve modern worship tracks, which serves as a reunion of sorts for Susan and Christine, who originally teamed up with Margaret Becker for the oft-praised 1994 offering Along The Road. Originally released in England last year as Kisses From Heaven, this version of the project features some improvements over the original.
Lost In Wonder: starts off with “Beautiful One”, penned by modern worship leader Tim Hughes. The upbeat, pop worship track features lead vocal duties from Tumes, who’s been MIA from music circles for the past couple of years. Christine lends her angelic voice to the Tim Hughes modern worship classic “Here I Am To Worship”, which aside from the original, is my favorite cover of the tune. The next track, “I’ll Never Be The Same”, features lead vocals from Miss Ashton. Susan’s voice is one of those that have been greatly missed over the past several years or so, and it’s so refreshing to hear it again after such a long absence. The aforementioned track, one of my favorites on the disc, is one of those that is improved on this new version; slightly remixed and featuring more of the amazing harmonies between the three vocalists. The next two tracks, “Outrageous Grace” and Once Again” (sung by Tumes and Dente respectively), are two of Wonder’s many highlights. You’ll then enjoy the pop worship of “I Believe In You”, “Lost in Wonder”, the majestic “Beautiful Saviour”, “Your Love Falls Down” and “How Loved Am I.” The disc closes with an inspiring, emotion-driven cover of Keith Getty’s “In Christ Alone” and “There Is A Higher Throne.”
Overall, Lost In Wonder is a worthwhile collection of worship tunes you’re sure to love. By utilizing each of the trio’s unique vocal stylings throughout, the result is a collection of refreshing takes on familiar (and a few soon to be familiar) worships songs. Highly recommended!


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