Londonistan by Melanie Phillips

A shocking new book from an award-winning British journalist reveals how widespread Muslim immigration into Great Britain, coupled with the worldwide radicalization of Islam, has created a country within a country – a 5th column of Islamic jihad plotting war against the West from deep inside its bosom.
Melanie Phillips’ timely new work, Londonistan, exposes the degree to which the global Islamic terror movement has infiltrated one of the capitals of Western civilization, and what it means for the future of that country…as well as our own.
Ominously, Phillips writes, the British experience holds significant lessons for America. Great Britain’s failure to deal with its radical Islam problem, and the widespread British condemnation of Israel, could lead to a breakup of the “special relationship” that has marked the U.S.-British relationship for a century. Moreover, it has profound implications for how a similarly open and tolerant nation must deal with sworn enemies residing within our own borders.
Phillips’ eye-opening account explores Great Britain’s failure not just to deal with the problem, but to even acknowledge one exists. Londonistan paints a picture of a country so terrified of giving offense to its minority Muslim population that it has been cowed by radical clerics. With license to incite hatred and terror, London’s mosques have churned out thousands of foot soldiers in Islamic terrorism’s war against the West – including shoe-bomber Richard Reid, 9/11 plotter Zacarias Moussaoui, and the British Muslims who perpetrated last year’s hideous London Underground and bus bombings that killed 52 people.
Londonistan provides a terrifying account of how top government officials in Great Britain have blatantly refused to recognize the true nature of their current crisis. Their failure of British police and intelligence services to acknowledge the Muslim terrorists operating within their midst renders their ability to defend Great Britain nearly worthless.
Among the shocking points revealed in Melanie Phillips’ LONDONISTAN:
How exasperated European security agencies, in a mocking reference to the Afghan training grounds for al-Qaeda, dubbed Britain’s capital city “Londonistan”
How Great Britain can be described as the birthplace of al-Qaeda
Why Brits can thank Prince Charles for London’s leading radical mosque, Finsbury Park
How the British push toward multiculturalism has provided cover for jihadist forces plotting terrorism
How British universities are being used as a major recruiting ground for Islamic terrorism
Plans for a 70,000 person mosque to be erected next to the Olympic Stadium in time for the 2012 games
Why the legions of Muslims in Britain who are British citizens not only feel no allegiance to their country, they are actively hostile to it
The newest political party in Europe is far left/Islamist, sympathetic to Saddam…and winning elections
How Muslim leaders in Britain are demanding – and are getting – special rights, along with the special application of Islamic religious law, known as “Sharia,” that denies rights to women
How the toleration by British authorities of Sharia law in certain quarters could lead to the effective legalization of polygamy
How the British Left has endorsed and advanced the grotesque anti-Semitism that infuses Islamism
The wholesale abdication by the Church of England in the face of this threat
How the British government is manipulated by the country’s radical Muslim clerics
How leading Brits are bending backwards to appease and accommodate a radical community bent on their annihilation
Why British police and intelligence services are impotent in the face of this growing threat
Great Britain has a celebrated history as the nation that stood up to Germany during World War II, but it has a less savory history in the run-up to that war, when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler in a bid to buy “peace in our time.” In Londonistan, Melanie Phillips shows how the ruling class, the police, and the elites in modern day Great Britain are walking the same path as those who capitulated to Adolf Hitler. As Phillips makes clear (and as last year’s London bombings proved) that strategy is as likely to earn peace as Neville Chamberlain’s.
Melanie Phillips is an acclaimed columnist for London’s Daily Mail. Educated at Oxford, she won the Orwell Prize for journalism in 1996. She is the author of All Must Have Prizes, along with several other books. Many of her essays can be found on her website, www.melaniep
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