Living Without Regret


Author Unknown
Dec 30, 2011




This day called New Year's Eve is most marked by the phrase, "New Year's Resolution."
Hidden in the words is the thought that everyone is living a life of regrets. The new year brings with it the hope that somehow we can get hold of our lives and make them better. The good news of the gospel is that Christ provided and the apostles preached that we could live with absolute freedom, peace, and assurance in the
presence of our Christ, and in the act of prayer coming boldly to the throne of grace.
Every Lord's Day during 2001, we will be proclaiming, is a day of resolution. We can live beyond regret.


Yesterdays can have an amazing effect on us. They can cause us to live "looking back." They can deceive us, encourage us, or discourage us. They
can either build us up or tear us down. But the real truth is.....yesterday
is gone, and what's more, while we can, and should plan for tomorrow,
tomorrow will never come. We must live today. The beginning of a year is a
good time to assess, to plan, to review, and to dream. But resolutions are
only good if they affect TODAY! So trust God today. Serve him today. Know
him, receive from him, and give him your all today. If TODAY you are faithful
in the community of faith he will make your "yesterdays" work for good and
your "tomorrows" great opportunities. more.

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