Livin It: Unusual Suspects

The Luis Palau Association (LPA) founded by world-renowned evangelist Luis Palau is known for their worldwide Festivals and their impact on the youth with their action sports Livin It DVD series. LPA is now expanding its youth outreach into the area of network television specials.

LPA’s PalauFest Productions is producing a one-hour television special titled Livin It: Unusual Suspects that will air nationwide December 2-4th on WGN, i-Independent (PAX), TBN, and scores of ABC, CBS, NBC and WB affiliates.
The special will reveal an in-depth, cutting edge look at various people in different walks of life and how their faith has taken them to new levels. Viewers will see Palau, actor
Stephen Baldwin, skateboard legend Christian Hosoi, musical artist Chynna Phillips and other well-known personalities give compelling one-on-one interviews, sharing stories of triumph over obstacles they have faced in their lives.
Losing his father to an illness at age 10, Palau survived poverty and the loss of his childhood, but through it all has become one of the most respected and effective communicators on the planet. Defying death threats and arson plots, Palau’s message of hope has reached over 22 million people in 70 nations, and his radio broadcasts in both English and Spanish are heard by millions more on over 2,100 radio stations in 48 countries. Palau’s teaching of faith has helped transform people and his example of strength continues to uplift people around the world.

The youngest of the famed “Baldwin Brothers,” actor Stephen Baldwin was known to many as the baby rebel from one of today’s most well known family dynasties. After filming over 65 movies in his career, Baldwin now uses his own testimony and life lessons from his Hollywood experience to relate to and positively encourage the youth culture. Nearly four years ago, Baldwin teamed up with the Palau organization to birth the extreme sports revolution called Livin It. Today the Livin It brand – lead by the highly successful DVD series – is making its mark in the youth culture and continues to be a positive force. Baldwin’s relentless enthusiasm in his walk of faith inspires everyone that crosses his path.
Christian Hosoi – referred to as the Michael Jordan of skateboarding – is a man that has lived what many of the world would claim a perfect life. He was at the top of his game making big money and a huge name for himself as the best skateboarder in the world, but fame, fortune and an eventual loss of focus sent this revered athlete to federal prison. After faith and fervent prayers, Hosoi was released back in the public eye from prison after only 4 years of his 10-year sentence. He lives the life of a freed man in more ways than one and spends his time reaching out to the younger generation about living a life of faith.
Daughter of John and Michelle Phillips from the legendary 60’s band “The Mamas and Papas” and a singer of the multi-Platinum-selling pop music group “Wilson Phillips,” Chynna Phillips has spent her life surrounded by musical success. With number one hit songs and even the recognition by People magazine as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World,” Phillips now has launched a new chapter by living a life of faith.
With the DC Festival with Luis Palau on the National Mall in Washington DC as a backdrop, watch amazing stories of changed lives as told by these individuals, their families and friends. This dynamic TV special will premier on TV stations across America this coming December 2-4, 2005.
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