Live: A Night of Stories and Songs – Mark Shultz

Live: A Night of Stories and Songs is the newest offering from singer/songwriter Mark Shultz. This audio and visual experience captures the hugely popular (yet still very humble) musician in his favorite environment, in front of an enthusiastic crowd sharing from the heart. Having seen Shultz in concert a few times, I know this fact to be true. This CD/DVD combo, recorded earlier this year before a sold-out crowd in Illinois, lets fans experience the performance in both sight and sound. Fans will not only experience the excitement of the intimate live show, but they’ll also get to hear about the stories, people and scenarios that helped shape many of his radio hits (including six #1’s).
Live’s audio portion contains fourteen songs, two of which are new tunes; the yet-to-be finished “He’s Walking Her Home” and the current radio hit “I Am.” The latter track appears twice on the disc (first in its unfinished state), the former was written for the older couple which “adopted” Shultz when he first moved to Nashville. Fans will enjoy the performances of radio hits “I Have Been There,” “I Am The Way” and “Remember Me,” as well as the emotion-driven tearjerker “He’s My Son” and “Letters From War.” The audio experience ends with the completed studio version of “I Am.”
The DVD is what makes this project worth its weight in gold. Coming in at just over two-hour’s long, the disc contains the complete live show, two music videos (“Letters From War”, “I Have Been There”), a photo gallery, some recipes, and a forty-minute plus documentary. It’s the documentary (filled with plenty of laughs) that gives you a deeper appreciation of this talented individual, and how God moved in his life many different ways to get him to where he is today. You’ll get to experience the complete story from growing up in Colby, Kansas all the way to Nashville.
This is one CD/DVD you won’t want to be without. Whether you a fan, old or new alike, you’ll enjoy this one completely from start to finish.

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