Lisa Whelchel December 2012 Newsletter

This has been a busy month and it just started! So much to share. So many highs and lows already. Feels like I’ve been on a roller coaster ride for most of 2012. I’m ready to get off and find a park bench and some cotton candy somewhere. Although, the way my stomach feels, that may not set well. In the last few weeks, much has happened. The “Facts of Life” theme song seems appropriate…”You take the good, you take the bad…”
For starters, I was diagnosed with West Nile Virus. I had been feeling irrationally exhausted, even after getting nine and ten hours sleep every night. I went to the doctor and asked her to run any kind of blood test she could think of that might be causing this lethargy. The good news is, I’m not menopausal yet. The bad news is, some nasty mosquito got me. And, the irony is, I think I got it in Dallas, TX and not in the Philippines (where I received no less than 500 mosquito bites!) I’m feeling better now, just occasional bouts of tiredness.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. My brother, Justice, and his wife and little boy came to visit. We went zip lining, played Nerf wars, ate ourselves silly and even got a chance to watch an episode of “Survivor” together. By the way, be sure and tune in this Wednesday night. My brother, Justice, is my family visitor and he really is a game-changer. You can also read about him at
Which reminds me, the People Magazine article finally hit the stands this week. You’ll be shocked to see how much my children have grown since the last time they were in the magazine.
Be sure and tune in to the “Jeff Probst Show” next week. I don’t know the exact day yet but he will have the “Final Five” Survivors on as guests for the day. I can’t tell you whether I’ll be on or not. You’ll just have to watch and see.
Continuing with my up and down theme, two days before I was scheduled to leave on the 12 Gifts of Christmas Tour, we received a call that the whole thing was canceled. We were all very shocked and extremely disappointed. I still don’t know what all happened but I just feel awful for the people who bought tickets and were looking forward to going. I was, too!
One fallout from that was that I ordered hundreds of my Christmas book to sell at the arena events. My garage is overflowing and I need to unload them so I can make some room to store the Christmas decorations when they come back down. So…I’m offering a special deal. The books retail for $20. I’m selling them online for $15 plus I’ll autograph them and personalize them to anyone you want to give them to. And, they really do make fabulous gifts. With that in mind, I’m offering another deal. If you buy 4 or more books, I will give you your choice of either “The Facts of Life,” “Speaking Momese” or “How to Start Your Own Momtime” book for free. (Just specify which one you want in the “Notes” section.) Check it out here:
I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. And, if like mine, yours seems to be a little bumpy…I pray that the birth of the Prince of Peace is celebrated with even deeper meaning in your heart and home this Christmas.
With glad tidings of joy,
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