Life, National Geographic Have Jesus Issues on Newsstands for Easter

~ Jesus Issues on Newsstands Via Life, Nat Geo for Easter ~

Jesus Issues on Newsstands

At your local newsstand, between Taylor Swift, decorating and other magazines, you can spot three publications focused on Jesus and faith.

Both Life and National Geographic have special issues out now focused on the life and death of Jesus Christ. These reissues of popular past issues are available now for the Easter season at $14.99 each.

Life has released “Jesus: How His Lessons, Miracles and Devotion Changed the World,” originally published Dec. 22, 2017, and National Geographic has reissued “Jesus: An Illustrated Life,” originally published in October 2015.

Also out on newsstands currently is the spring issue of a publication called “Everyday Faith,” published by Dayspring. Articles include: “Focus on Easter Promises,” “Embrace the Joy of Fresh Starts,” and “Share Your Faith with Others.”

Next time you are in the magazine section of your favorite store, check them out. They are on newsstands for a limited time. The magazine display pictured above was spotted at Michael’s craft store.

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