Letter from Iraq: 1/15/6

Hello! am still alive and kickin’, although the internet here is even sketchier than it was at Al Kisik. Due to security concerns I won’t divulge too much about this new place in this format.
This place is a bit livlier than the last, although the people who actually
live here by and large want the same thing that everybody wants . . . to
live with peace and quiet and in freedom. We have had quite a bit of rain
recently, and it has turned what was a dust bowl into a mud bowl. I joke
with the guys, feigning mock anger. I tell them that I have been looking
for a pig to kick, and thought that the best place to find one was in the
mud. But having searched throughout the area, all I’ve managed to find is
more mud. It is quite obvious by the mud on my boots and pant legs.
I’ll write more later.
Sgt. Danison’s new address is:
1SG Andrew Danison
1st Bn, 2d Bde, 3d IAD/CMATT
FOB Sykes
APO AE 09334
We invite our readers, youth groups, Scout troops, etc. to write to Sgt. Danison and his men.
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