Let’s Roll to be released in memory of September 11

In memory of the first anniversary of
September 11, the long-awaited compilation project, Let’s Roll: Together In
Unity, Faith And Hope, will be released on September 10 through Chordant
Distribution Group to the CBA market and EMD to the general market,
announced Rich Peluso, co-president of Chordant.
The multi-genre compilation of artists from Christian, country, pop and
classical music includes dcTalk, Wynonna, Yo-Yo Ma, Nicole C. Mullen,
Jennifer Knapp, Lila McCann, Selah, James Curlin, Shane Minor, Jody McBrayer
of Avalon and more. Let’s Roll: Together In Unity, Faith and Hope includes
18 tracks and features a choir of more than 20 artists (Steven Curtis
Chapman, Anointed, Mark Stewart of Audio Adrenaline, Out of Eden and more)
singing the “Lord’s Prayer.” Fourteen of the songs were originally written
for this record including the title track performed by dcTalk. Let’s Roll is
produced by Tony McAnany (Chant, Point of Grace, Jennifer Knapp), and honors
his longtime friend, Todd Beamer, one of the heroes from United Flight 93
and the man whose last words on September 11 were “Let’s Roll!”
On Sept. 11, 2001, Beamer and a group of determined passengers helped
prevent the fourth terrorist attack on the United States by taking over
United Airlines Flight 93. After completing a 15-minute phone call with a
GTE operator, Beamer, who left the line open, was heard saying, “Are you
ready? OK. Let’s roll!” Not long after, the plane crashed in a rural
Pennsylvania field, killing everyone aboard. It is unknown how many lives
were saved by these everyday heroes.
“In the aftermath of the tragedy of September 11, we find ourselves looking
for answers. Let’s Roll has been created to help point each of us, through
music, to answers to some of those questions and provide comfort to all that
seek unity, faith and hope in these challenging times,” McAnany said.
Profits from the album will be given to the Todd M. Beamer Foundation, which
was launched by Beamer’s widow, Lisa Beamer. The mission of the foundation
is to”equip children experiencing family trauma to make heroic choices every
day.” In an effort to maximize the contribution to the Foundation, all the
traditional artist, producer and publisher royalties have been waived.
“The Lets Roll CD is a coming together of many people and talents with one
goal in mind – to help the children affected by the events of September 11.
Each artist deserves many thanks for their time and effort. This CD is a
lasting tribute to Todd and all American heroes of September 11, 2001,” said
Douglass MacMillan, executive director, The Todd M. Beamer Foundation.
The Let’s Roll album cover photo is a taken from the Beamer family archives,
a compelling photo of Todd and his two boys taken by Lisa Beamer which is
included on Lisa Beamer’s new best selling book Let’s Roll, published by
“Let’s Roll: Together In Unity, Faith and Hope will be a priority for us
this fall,” said Peluso. “While the record came to us at a later date than
we usually have to set up a project at retail, Tony has delivered an
unusually poignant recording that we are proud to be associated with. We
will do our very best to help retailers get this product on the shelf. To be
sure to maximize its visibility at retail, we encourage retailers to
position this title in the music section as well as with the Lisa Beamer
book in the book section.”
The track listings for the album are:
“Let’s Roll dcTALK
“Horizon” 38th Parallel
“I Believe” James Curlin
“Who Else Could It Be?” Lila McCann
“Light of the World” Jennifer Knapp
“Interlude” Nick Moroch, Don Potter
“Carry On” Wynonna
“I See You In His Eyes” Nicole C. Mullen
“Don’t Ask Why” Shane Minor
“With New Eyes” Joy Williams, James Curlin, Jody McBrayer
“We’ll Praise Your Name” James Curlin, Jody McBrayer, Selah
“Lullaby” Jeremy Lubbock, Chaka Khan
“How Great Thou Art” Pam Kenyon Snider
“Our Father” L.A. Session Choir
“Daily Bread” Phil Keaggy
“The Lord’s Prayer”/”To You Be the Glory” Various, see below
“In His Arms” Yo-Yo Ma
One of the special moments on the recording is the “Lord’s Prayer” with an
all-artist choir that includes:
Nicole C. Mullen, Steven Curtis Chapman, Joy Williams, Lila McCann, Out of
Eden, Bart Millard of
MercyMe, Jennifer Knapp, James Curlin, Selah, Mark Stuart of Audio
Adrenaline, Plumb, Wynonna, Jody McBrayer of Avalon, Jonathan Pierce,
Streetcalled Straight and Anointed.
Hero’s Wife Gives Birth
All-Star Album Honors Todd Beamer and Other Heroes of Sept. 11


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