Legend of the White Wolf by Max Elliot Anderson

Max Elliot Anderson, author of Legend of the White Wolf, was a reluctant reader as a boy. So how does a reluctant reader become a writer? “My father has always been the writer in our family, with dozens of books to his credit,” says Anderson, “but the inspiration was what you might call a still, small voice that kept asking me, in my mind, Why don’t you write?” It was the understanding through his own reluctance that has inspired Anderson to write children’s adventure books that hit the heart of boys ages 9-13. “For me, the words in books were often too scrunched together on the page…I kept losing my place and would have to go back and read over. When I discovered I had already read that paragraph, I became extremely frustrated.”
With an understanding of the frustrations of reluctant readers, Anderson discovered how to help these boys. “I was never satisfied with what I found in print. In addition, I felt that books had far too much detail in them. I wanted action, adventure, danger, humor, and a fast pace. So, this is the kind of book I set out to write,” says Anderson. “The type is larger in my books, sentences are shorter, and there is lots of dialog. I don’t spend a lot of time on details or descriptions.”
Legend of the White Wolf, one of several adventure books Anderson has written, is packed full of fun and danger that leads young Brian Fisher on a journey to find his wolf. Brian Fisher rescued a rare white wolf pup, which he named Snowball, from certain death. When few believe his story, including his best friend Tommy, Brian is determined to prove it. Windwalker, a Native American Christian, guides Brian on his quest to find Snowball. Windwalker’s knowledge of wolves and Brian’s desire to learn makes Legend of the White Wolf a twist and turn adventure.

Anderson’s heart for boys who are reluctant readers is phenomenal, but don’t be fooled by the targeted age. People of all ages will find this simple heartfelt fiction story delightful.

Cindy O’Halloran is a freelance reviewer, speaker, and playwright. She is also the homeschool curriculum coordinator for www.writershelper.org . Visit Cindy online at www.cohalloran.com.


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