Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef

International dual-language radio ministry Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef, currently broadcasting in 91 countries and 12 languages, announces the addition of programming in Korean and Spanish, as well as kicking off their new English as a Secondary Language (ESL) program in India.

Leading The Way is now airing its phrase-by-phrase programming in English/Korean and broadcasting through Trans World Radio’s shortwave transmitters in Guam to reach into North Korea and South Korea. The new English/Spanish program began broadcasting this month from Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, and can be picked up in Cuba, in Central and South America and in many parts of the Caribbean. Development is also underway to bring this Spanish programming to U.S. cities with significant Hispanic populations. Additionally, the ESL program is transmitted every Sunday from a powerful station in Sri Lanka, reaching into India.
“People all over the world are drawn to our programming in order to learn English and as a result they hear the Gospel,” said Joshua Youssef, vice president of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef. “We’ve heard story after story of those who just wanted to increase their English vocabulary and they ended up finding Jesus. It is exciting to be expanding this reach, especially into countries where the Gospel is not permitted.”
According to Youssef, Leading The Way’s work on expanding its reach continues with the plan to add even more language programming. Currently under development and projected to be available for broadcasting in 2006, are programs in Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai. The programming is unique, not only in that it is spoken in the native language of the listener, but also because it is written to specifically reach the culture. “Michael Youssef, a social anthropologist and pastor, has a unique combination of training to reach listeners through their cultural norms.”
Joshua Youssef travels throughout the world to promote the ministry of Leading The Way and has the opportunity to meet personally with many who have been impacted through its programs.
“I must admit my initial skepticism of a dual-language radio program,” said Youssef, “but once I saw the common theme of listeners tuning in to learn English, I realized that we are on the verge of something huge. Personally visiting with listeners around the world has confirmed that we are only just scratching the surface.”
Leading The Way recently completed revival meetings in Cairo, Egypt, where listeners were able to hear Dr. Michael Youssef preach in person – after hearing him on the air for more than nine years in that region. For more information, visit www.leadingtheway.org.
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