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May: 5/15/01 Jaci Velasquez is currently in the studio completing her second Spanish project. 5/29/01 Ileana Garces, Dare to Love (One Voice Records/Provident) June: 6/19/01 Los Katinas – Destino (Gotee Records) July: None reported August: 8/29/01 Pete Orta September: 9/04/01 Kindred – Kindred Red Hill Records October: 10/23/01 Christmas In Havana (One voice Records/Provident) (Instrumental)  97 total views,  1 views today

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Freddie Colloca

One Voice Records recording artist Freddie Colloca (pronounced “ko-yo-ka”) received a Dove Award nomination for Spanish Language Album of the Year for Mas que un Sentimento (More than a Feeling). The nomination comes just prior to the English-language debut of both Colloca and his label. One Voice Records, already one of the leading Latin Christian music labels in the Spanish-speaking world, will release Dance el Ritmo, Colloca1s first English-language project, on March 6, 2001 to accomplish their dual goals of…

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Life Outside The Toybox Jason Moncivaiz – lead vocals, drums Sambo Moncivaiz – bass Joey Avalos – guitar Musically aggressive, lyrically passionate, the three members of Arizona rock band Justifide have taken music’s youthquake movement and set it on its ear. Meet new Ardent Records band Justifide. Their music is not Latin, but is categorized as hard rock/rap-core/reggae. They’ve been compared to P.O.D. and Creed. Why are they in the Latin Spotlight? Well, first, there’s the obvious — the three…

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Two Or More at Brian Mason’s 21st Anniversary

Kicking off GMA Week at Brian Mason’s 21st anniversary celebration were Walter, Renatto, and Eddie Aguas who make up the group Two Or More. This was my first time to meet the talented trio and hear them perform. These are busy brothers who always try to make time to appear on Brian’s Show, according to Brian. Louie Weaver (Petra’s drummer) decided to lend a hand (and a salt shaker) to their music at Gary Chapman’s Tejas Studios for the program….

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Burlap to Cashmere

When I was working on this Latin Spotlight section, I asked a few of my friends who like Latin music who their favorite Latin Christian artists were. Without hesitation, Ken Marrero of Goodspeed Periodicals, who is of hispanic heritage, named former Squint recording artists Burlap to Cashmere. When the group played its first showcase in Nashville in 1998, Burlap to Cashmere won many over with their unique, fresh sound, distinctly Latin. The group recorded on the Squint label before lead…

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On May 8, Samoan brothers The Katinas, nominated for a 2001 Dove Award for Urban Recorded Song of the Year for “There You Are,” will release Destiny and on June 19 the same project will release in the Spanish language with the title Destino. This will be the second Spanish-language album by Los Katinas. The five brothers from the South Pacific island of American Samoa garnered a 1999 Dove Award for Special Event Album for their participation in the Exodus…

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Kindred Three

“Relax and let the Spirit set you free … these sacred rhythms will make you dance and sing…” When confronted with the challenge of defining the sound of their diverse self-titled debut, the members of Kindred react as most musicians do. They look around the room, grimace, and grope for the right words. When it comes to their mission for the Lord, however, twenty-something San Diego residents Lamar, Wenché and Shone are quite deliberate about Whom they represent. “Musically, I…

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For six years, OBEDIENCE has been marching at the breach and standing in the gap as pioneers in reggae with Latin roots. The fusion of reggae roots, ballad, and other rhythms such as Soca, Ska, and Dance-Hall, with a Latin touch, is the key for their original sound and unique style. The music produced by Obedience is directed to all generations, races and cultures, with a message of new life, hope and obedience. With the release of its first album,…

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Christafari Tours Central America

In early April, Christafari and special guest vocalist Gamaliel Ruiz (Palabra Sonido Y Poder) regrouped after a six month hiatus, and there was no better place to kick off Christafari’s 2001 tour season than the beautiful Central American country of Belize. Although Belize is entirely surrounded by Spanish speaking countries, the majority of the nation speaks a thick dialect of broken English called Creole (very similar to Jamaican Patois). It turns out that Christafari is very popular in Belize, and…

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Hispanic Groups

Members of Congress and representatives from Hispanic groups gathered at the Capitol Building on Wednesday to urge support for the nomination of Miguel Estrada to be appointed a Court of Appeals Judge in the District of Columbia. Estrada?s nomination has been stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee for nearly a year because liberals consider him too conservative. Rev. Martin Garcia, executive director of La Amistad, a coalition of Hispanic church leaders, asked why liberals are so opposed to Estrada. “What…

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