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Freddie Colloca New Host of CBN’s One Cubed

One Voice Records Latin pop recording artist Freddie Colloca (pronounced “ko-yo-ka”) has been named the new host of CBN International’s Latin show One Cubed. Colloca recently taped 13 episodes at the CBN studios in Virginia Beach, VA, hosting music videos from around the world for a potential audience of more than 25 million in the Latin market. For the past three years, Colloca has traveled throughout the U.S. and Latin America, leading worship and performing, all the while developing his…

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Latin Christian Bilingual Music Events Comes to Nashville

The first (of many) Latin Christian bilingual music events is coming to Nashville! The evening should be a wonderful musical experience with performers Dani Driggs and Susana on Wednesday, June 27th, at 6:30 pm. The concert is at Oak Hill Assembly of God at 5200 Franklin Road, Brentwood (located between Harding Road and Old Hickory on Franklin Road) and is Free! (a love offering will be taken). The event is hosted by Uno en Christo (One in Christ, pastors’ organization),…

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New Discussion Boards for Latin Christian Music

To provide a better platform for promoting and discussing Latin Christian music, Christian announces the formation of two discussion boards. Our main discussion board was launched today and will be a part of the Christian Activities site, appearing soon on our menu. In the meantime, the link to the new board is:Latin Christian Music. This board does not require an ID or password to use, so please feel free to post news and info about your favorite Latin Christian…

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Pete Orta

It was a large Pete Orta banner hanging in the Convention Center stairwell during Gospel Music Week which first drew my attention to Pete Orta. I had heard of him before from his work with Petra, but I did not know much about him. Outstanding guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Pete Orta is one of the newest signings to Nashville-based Word Records. The young artist is currently recording his debut project for the label, scheduled for a late summer release this…

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Spotlight on the Latin Market

GMA has embraced the GMA Latin Task Force that meets monthly in Miami. This Task Force was established a year ago by GMA’s president, Frank Breeden with representatives of the largest Latin Christian music lables (Canzion, Integrity, One Voice, Vida Music and Word Latin). The three main goals the Latin Task Force has been working towards are: 1. The establishment of a Latin Christian Music Chart based on Soundscan. 2. A Latin Christian Music teaching track during Expolit (the largest…

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Ileana Garces

“There is no way to make it in life without God,” says twenty-one year old singer, Ileana. “I didn’t always realize that. As a young teenager I strayed from what I had been taught all my life. I thought there was something better out there. Before I was out of my teens I came to the realization that life without God is impossible. Now there is a burning in my heart to show my generation how God can take a…

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Alvaro López

With some styles of music, the melody matters most. With others, it’s the harmony. But for Latin music, nothing is more important than the beat, and no single band member is more important than the drummer is. It is the drummer who inspires the band, calls the audience to the dance, and builds the tension that finds its ultimate release in an explosion of passion and energy. In Latin music, rhythm is not a mathematical equation than finds its expression…

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Spotlight on the Growth of Latin Music

For the last decade, we have begun to see an enormous turn of events in our Christian Latin Music industry, which parallels the same type of growth patterns in the Latin market in general throughout the world. As a Latino songwriter and producer for more than 20 years, I do not consider this a “new” phenomenon, by any means! It seems that only recently, as a result of the success of such secular artists like Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Mark…

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Marco Barrientos in concert June 10

Marco Barrientos will be in Nashville June 9th and June 10th. He will perform at a free concert on Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 pm. Barrientos will also be one of the praise and worship leaders at Adelphia and Beyond on June 9 on Capitol Hill. Hay un concierto de gratis con Marco Barrientos a realizarse el Domingo 10 de Junio a las 6:30 PM en Nashville, TN. Esto sera el dia despues de Adelphia & Beyond a darse el…

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