Last Day for Early Voting is Today

~ Today, Nov. 3, is the last day for early voting in the midterm election, 2022~

November 3 marks the last day for early voting with the regular election coming up November 8. While some believe early voting may contribute to voting fraud, many believe it helps get more voters out due to shorter lines and a more convenient time for some voters.

The early voting line appeared long at the Bellevue Public Library today, but the site ran like a well-oiled machine that allowed the long line to move quickly. Voters presented IDs, filled out a short form and cast their ballots in private.

The Bellevue Public Library site closes at 4:30 today. Other sites are open longer. Check the early voting schedule for more times and places to vote in Middle Tennessee.

Whether you vote today or on November 8, make your voice heard. We need Godly leaders to help turn our great nation around.

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