LaHaye, Jenkins Honor Christianity’s Heroes in New Novel ‘The Rapture’

Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, who have become the most successful Christian writing team in publishing history with their bestselling Left Behind Series, have used their new novel, “The Rapture” (Tyndale/June 6, 2006) to honor some of the greatest heroes of the Christian faith. Incorporating snapshot scenes from heaven, LaHaye and Jenkins depict Christian leaders ranging from the Apostle Paul to Billy Graham receiving their reward for years of dedication, sacrifice, and faithfulness.
With the sudden disappearance of millions of people worldwide taking place in the first chapter of the their first book “Left Behind”, LaHaye and Jenkins have spent the last decade writing about the aftermath of the Rapture here on earth—a period called the Tribulation. Now in the book “The Rapture”, they have gone back in time with this third of three prequels to portray the Rapture itself, including the perspective of those who ascend to heaven.
Jenkins and LaHaye did not reserve recognition for high-profile Christian leaders. They have included accounts of quiet, unknown people who stayed true to their faith despite tremendous adversity—relatable stories of those unrecognized outside of their own orbits. Some of the more contemporary personalities depicted receiving their crowns in heaven include:
Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ
Ken Taylor, founder of Tyndale House Publishers and translator of the New Living Bible
DL Moody, evangelist and founder of Moody Bible Institute
Billy Graham, evangelist and founder of Billy Graham Ministries
Fanny Crosby, blind gospel hymn writer
John and Betty Stam, martyred missionaries to China

“We are sometimes accused of painting a violent, negative picture of God,” says LaHaye. “Jerry and I want to communicate that the real story of ‘Left Behind’ is about hope and our merciful God. We felt that it was important to the overall story to show the unseen and convey how God’s promises fulfilled may look.”
Using the book of Revelation as a framework, the Left Behind Series is a set of fifteen apocalyptic thrillers dramatizing the vanishing of millions of people followed by seven years of tribulation. Seven titles in the series have earned the number one spot on the bestseller lists for “The New York Times,” “USA Today” and the Christian Booksellers Association. Over the past decade, the Left Behind Series product lines has sold more than 63 million copies, rocking the publishing world, garnering intense media coverage and sparking widespread debate on End Times issues.
It was Tim LaHaye’s idea to write a novel about the prophecies in Revelation. He is one of the nation’s foremost speakers and writers on the End Times and co-founder of the Pre-Trib Research Center. A former pastor and conference speaker, LaHaye has authored more than 70 books on a variety of Biblical and family topics. Jerry B. Jenkins, novelist of the Left Behind Series, has written more than 160 books, including several bestselling as-told-to biographies of sports legends and Christian leaders. Jenkins is the former VP of publishing at Moody Bible Institute and now serves on the school’s Board of Trustees.
The Rapture” releases on the beastly date of June 6, 2006 or 06-06-06.
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