Kristyn Leigh Explores ‘The Heavy And The Holy’



Contemporary Christian singer Kristyn Leigh (pronounced LEE) is not your typical 20-year-old. During her high school years, Leigh combined her love to sing and heart for young people, and created a music concoction of various genres including hymns and contemporary worship, rock and alternative and even pop-punk. The result is her debut CD, The Heavy & the Holy, on Nashville-based Creative Soul Records. Just out of her teens, Leigh is learning to embrace the spotlight thrust upon her, while balancing college courses and a heavy touring and promotional schedule.
“I have always been different,” says Leigh. “I love to sing the old hymns of the church, but at the same time I love to rock out. I finally realized that I’m doing exactly what God wants me to do. He wants my praise, but at the same time He wants me to take his message of love to a hurting world of people in a way they can understand. And He wants me to do that by being myself.”
It was evident to everyone around her that, even at a young age, Leigh had a powerful voice. But in high school, she began to explore a different musical road –a road that didn’t mean singing at church or singing in a rock band – but a mixture of both. She began working with veteran producer Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records and recorded an independent project that led to over 100 concert appearances, including churches, festivals, conferences, teen centers and other venues around the country.
Despite comparisons to the orchestrated rock of Evanescence, the in-your-face energy of Avril Lavigne, and the soaring vocal prowess of Crystal Lewis, Leigh shuns the various labels and reaches out to her diverse audiences with open arms.
“There’s two sides of me, the heavy, and the holy,” explains Leigh. “I know it’s different, but that’s just the way He made me to be.”
“The Heavy & the Holy represents a unique and powerful mix of traditional & contemporary Christian music that will appeal to old and young alike,” says Brad Mathias, Vice President of Leigh’s USA distributor Infinity Music Distribution. “We’re excited to have her as part of the Infinity family.”
Creative Soul Records has launched an aggressive promotional campaign for Leigh’s national debut, with over 150 concert appearances scheduled through 2007, and numerous television appearances including performances on Daystar, Cornerstone Television Network, TCT Live and FamilyNet. The debut single, “Bulletproof Girl,” received national airplay and the music video landed in the Top 10 on Gospel Music Channel. The follow-up single and music video, “In Jesus Name,” will be released this month.
The Heavy & the Holy was released in April and is distributed in the USA by Infinity Music Distribution, a division of Central South Distribution, Inc., and internationally by MPI International.
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