Kelly Minter to Perform for Bluefield College Welcome Week

It’s hard to believe that award-winning contemporary Christian singer
Kelly Minter was more interested in playing basketball instead of music when
she was young. It’s even harder to believe that music filled a very small
portion of her life until just after high school. She’ll share that
testimony and how she moved from scoring points to scoring hit singles when
she performs live in concert at Bluefield College, Tuesday, August 21.

As part of the school’s Welcome Week activities to kick off the fall
2001 semester, Minter will open BC’s annual Coffeehouse Series with
performances from her debut album “Good Day.” Minter will share not only her
music, but also her story about how God turned her life upside down and into
music — something she had never dreamed of until now.

Minter was a stellar basketball player during her high school days, and
was, in fact, on her way to play college basketball when God changed her
plans. The basketball scholarship she was expecting didn1t come through, and
Minter1s parents couldn1t afford to pay her way. She was depressed about her
broken dream, but somewhere in the midst of her heartache, she turned to
music — a hobby her parents had encouraged, but she had avoided during her
childhood years.

“Music was the perfect outlet in that disruptive season,” Minter said.
“The Lord used [that time] to strip me of all I had ever trusted in, and
brought me to the lowest, most confusing point in my life. Little did I know
that it was His unfailing kindness that was keeping me on my knees.”
Soon, Minter started writing songs, and not long after she realized,
with the encouragement of friends, family, and a providential meeting with
Christian singer Kathy Triccoli, that music was more than just an outlet for
her. It was a gift she had been given and a gift she should share.

She created her first CD “Good Day” and joined forces with Word Records
to produce the recording. Now, Minter is on tour sharing her music and
sharing her God-given gift.
“I wanted to make an album filled with songs that people could put their
arms around,” Minter said about her debut recording. “My goal was for the
songs not to require you to sit and ponder for hours, but still offer a lot
of depth. I wanted them to be contemplative, yet still be very ‘get-able’.”

During her Bluefield College show on August 21, through the music and
lyrics of “Good Day,” Minter will explore the Christian themes of faith,
hope and love. With the confidence of someone with wisdom beyond her years –
wisdom of one who has been through the fire and emerged refined – Minter
will share singles like “Any More Sure” (which asks the question Œwould our
faith be stronger if we had actually seen Jesus in person?1), “Return to Me”
(a song about God1s mercy and loving kindness), and “Good Day” (a single
that describes how being healthy, alive and personally knowing God is reason
enough to rejoice each day). Most importantly, she will share how God can
take shattered dreams and turn them into more than we ever hoped for.

“God has a way of crucifying our dreams and resurrecting them in a way
that is far beyond all that we could ever ask for,” Minter said. “It has
been anything but an easy journey for me so far, but there is peace in
knowing that He has truly given me the desires of my heart.”

Minter’s Bluefield College performance will begin at 9 p.m. in the
Student Activities Center of Shott Hall. The public is invited to attend,
and admission is free. For more information, please call the BC Office of
Public Relations at 540-326-4212.


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