Kathy Troccoli Speaks Out on America’s Tragedies

In addition to writing and recording, Reunion recording artist Kathy Troccoli is a regular speaker at women’s conferences and events for organizations including
Women Of Faith, Heritage Keepers, Time Out For Women and Bill and Gloria Gaither’s Praise Gathering. Troccoli has also
become a sought after speaker internationally having participated in women’s conferences in Turkey with Elizabeth
Elliot and in Germany and Spain in conjunction with the United States Army. A New Yorker, Kathy shared some thoughts at a recent convention for women in Nashville.
The last couple of days I have been somewhat in a fog. I certainly have been grieving. I know that many of you have
as well. My beloved city has lost so many souls, and the drastically altered majestic skyline is a reminder of the
presence of evil in this world.
Watchman Nee said…
“To hold on to the plough—while wiping our tears—this is Christianity.”
All I could do as I watched the horror was cry out to Jesus. I begged for His mercy and I pleaded His blood upon
this nation as the blood of thousands was shed because of this horrific act.
As the fire and smoke were filling the skies over New York and Washington D.C., I pictured what was filling the
skies in the heavenlies. A war was going on. As I watched the news I realized that, as America wasn’t sure who
their enemy was—many in America are blind to the enemy of their soul. The one who comes to kill, steal, and
destroy—not just in the physical but also in the spiritual. That is an even sadder state of affairs.
As I write with teary eyes, I am reminded of these simple but profound truths:
God is in control.
God will ultimately have His way.
Let us keep an attitude of prayer, knowing that is where the true battle is won. We gain wisdom on our
knees…power is released on our knees…love pours into our hearts on our knees.
May we as Christians humble ourselves under His mighty hand so that the whole nation will benefit from how we
conduct ourselves during this terrible time. We do have a Divine confidence and we can trust Him beyond our
human reasoning.
King David said…
“Why are you downcast oh, my soul?” (Psalms 42:5)
Worship him today…let us talk to our souls…sing to our souls…reminding ourselves of the reason we put our
hope in Jesus Christ.
We may not understand our circumstances—but we can understand the character of God.
He is a God of justice—of compassion—of love and mercy.
He is holy and righteous.
All-powerful, All-knowing.
Ever present.
We are in a time of extreme darkness right now. But remember…darkness isn’t dark to God. He sees perfectly.
Be assured that God Almighty has roused Himself from His throne…
Disease will not have the last say.
Death will not have the last say.
Immorality will not have the last say.
Our questions will not have the last say.
Terrorists will not have the last say.
Destruction will not have the last say.
Certainly evil—will not have the last say.
Our God…
Our Jehovah…
Our King of Kings and Lord of Lords…
He will most definitely have the last say…
Good will triumph over evil…
In this we can place our trust.
Troccoli’s 12th album on Reunion Records, Love Has A Name, recently garnered the 16th no. 1 single of her
career. Her third
book, Falling In Love With Jesus (co-authored with Dee Brestin, with W Publishing) released in February of
2001. She has
previously authored two books— My Life Is In Your Hands (1997, Zondervan Publishing House) and A Different
Road (1999,
J. Countryman) and her fourth, Am I Not Still God?, will be released by W Publishing in January 2002.
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