Just a Simple Manger




Just a simple manger for Baby’s precious head –
A little King should rest upon a sheet with golden threads.
And only cattle lowing to help a small One sleep –
A regal Child needs lullabies, with tones both high and deep.
But shepherds said some angels spoke and told of earthly joy
Because in Bethlehem they’d find a newborn Baby Boy!
If Heaven sent these messengers with tidings for all men,
If what they told is really true, if new life can begin . . .
For what they said is this, the Truth, a Savior has been born,
And peace can reign upon the earth on hallowed Christmas morn!
That same goodwill can come to us if we take God’s dear Gift:
The Infant grew to manhood strong and then a Cross did lift
Upon His shoulders up a hill to die for all the world
In agony between two thieves, while insults cruel were hurled.
Is this the way we treat a King? Where is His royal throne?
His Mother weeps, but mostly He’s been left to die alone.
It started in a Manger and ends with a wooden Cross;
If we reject this Special Gift, how great will be our loss!
That Baby dear was Jesus Christ, sent from Heaven’s glory
To save mankind and leave on earth this special Christmas story.
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