Joy Whitlock – God and a Girl

God and a Girl is the debut full-length release for this girl from the south. Having grown up as a preacher’s kid and taken a short trip down the wrong road of life makes a good starting point for Joy Whitlock’s songs.
Joy’s faith is honest and not afraid to ask questions. All of that comes through loud and clear in the 14 songs that make up, God and a Girl. She says that each song found on the CD is like a conversation that she’s had with God.
It doesn’t take long for that honesty to appear like in track-2, “Faith Don’t Fail,” a rock edged song that talks about the pain which Joy Whitlock feels that comes from remembering all of the pain that she caused others while she was on that wrong road of life.
Track-5 of God and a Girl, “Holding Onto Me,” is the only song found on the release that wasn’t written by Whitlock. The song was written by Ian Eskelin (All Star United), Barry Weeks, and Tony Wood. The song talks about the fact that life may have its, ‘wild ride moments,’ but don’t fear because Gods in control and in the end He can use that pain for positive results in our life.
The one true ballad found on God and a Girl is track-6, “Testify.” The song is simple in its instrumentation, but powerful and rich, with passionate vocals and lyrics that talk about, in spite of Whitlock’s failings her hopes to one day see the Lord’s face.
Three other songs that I would like to mention for their uniqueness are, “Your Face,” a song that has a bit of a country element found in it thanks to the mandolin part. The song, “Fake,” takes the prize for most rocking track. It’s filled with thick drumbeats and driving electric guitar parts, along with lyrics that deal with real faith. The last of the three songs is also the last track on God and a Girl, “Day of the Lord,” which features a dark, industrial, haunting sound. The apocalyptic song is taken right out of the Bible’s Book of Revelation.
The one thing that ties all of the songs together on God and a Girl is the great vocals of Joy Whitlock. Her music compares well to artist like, Kendall Payne, Sarah McLachlan, and Jennifer Knapp, taken to the next level of grittiness.
With a running time of just over 1 full hour God and a Girl gives you a really good taste of Joy Whitlock’s music and just where she’s coming from spiritually.
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