John Tesh to Debut ALIVE: music&dance



John Tesh’s latest television special, ALIVE music&dance is a celebration of everything he is passionate about – faith, music, dance and family. A spectacular evening of hip-hop (yes, hip-hop!), ballet, lighting and staging effects, combined with the talents of guest performers and young dancers, the show becomes a high-energy, inspiring evening of music and dance for the entire family. The special debuts on PBS on March 1, 2008, and the CD and DVD companions will be released in CBA and general market stores on March 4, 2008.
Tying seamlessly into his upcoming book, Intelligence For Your Life: Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth (Thomas Nelson) and his top rated The John Tesh Radio Show – Music and Intelligence for Your Life, the project brings much more than entertainment. It masterfully reflects his personal vision and passion for encouraging and enabling others to better numerous areas of their lives, through personal, physical, educational, professional and spiritual growth.
Shot in HD video, this television special showcases ballet, hip-hop, band, orchestra and choir all coming together on stage to take your breath away. With ALIVE music&dance, audiences will experience much of Tesh’s energy and passion, which he first displayed on PBS (Live at Red Rocks) and through his recent, highly successful worship projects, A Deeper Faith and A Deeper Faith 2, with a new twist! In addition to the music he has made with his signature sound, this special embraces a new element for Tesh – the power of dance, which is the purpose of ALIVE.
It all started when he popped his head into his daughter’s hip-hop dance class that “Snoop Teshy-Tesh” was born. His daughter’s passion for the art form became his new muse and being the family man he is, he embraced her passion which in turn excited his own and ALIVE music&dance was born.
“Today about one in seven children are obese and medical researchers know that dancing tones your entire body, improves your posture and balance, builds confidence and wards off illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression,” explains Tesh. “Our hope for this TV special is that it would encourage millions of boys and girls to put down the video game controllers and get up and dance!”
In a 30 year career that includes investigative reporting for CBS NEWS, Olympic commentating for NBC sports, 10 years as host of Entertainment Tonight, 5 gold albums, 6 Emmy Awards, Grammy nominations and the current host of The John Tesh Radio Show, Tesh has established himself as a world-renowned broadcaster /entrepreneur.
The John Tesh Radio Show – Music and Intelligence for Your Life, is heard on over 280 radio stations by more than eight million listeners each week. Much of that wisdom he shares with his radio show listeners will also appear in Intelligence for Your Life – Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth his new book in stores March 11 (Thomas Nelson, Inc.) to coincide with the release of the DVD & CD set, ALIVE music&dance.

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