Joel Vaughn, Uche Agu & Revival Today Worship Drop New Music

~ New Music: Joel Vaughn x Uche Agu, Revival Today Worship ~

Dream Music Group announces new music from Joel Vaughn as well as a collaboration between Uche Aguilera and Revival Today Worship.

Joel Vaughn  – “Where Grace Begins”

”’Where Grace Begins’ came out of a season in my life where I had a friend who was dealing with addiction and sickness at the same time, and I vividly remember a couple of months ago helping him up and seeing the look in his eyes. A look of shame and pain and weakness. It took me back to a point in my life where I was filled with shame and pain and weakness. I remember 13 years ago, surrendering all of that, all of my addictions, all of my bad habits, all of the pain at the foot of the cross. When I got real with myself and got real with some trusted friends about what I was really dealing with, I realized that I couldn’t change my habits enough. I couldn’t outwork Jesus (if that’s even a thing) and I couldn’t make myself good enough if I wanted to. I want to remind you today that if you’re in a season where things are difficult, where things are tough, where you can’t seem to let go of that pain, that addiction, that same cycle again and again, I encourage you to lay it at the feet of the cross where grace begins.” – Joel Vaughn

Uche Agu & Revival Today Worship  – “Big God Big Things”

Gospel artist Uche Agu and Worship team Revival Today Worship have teamed up to release “Big God Big Things” available on all digital retail and streaming service providers via DREAM Gospel.  The song was co-written and co-produced by Brandon Tolbert Jones, Uche Agu and Danny Duncan.  This 6-minute anthem will lift you up as it celebrates the greatness of our Father in Heaven doing big things for his people.  The song will come out alongside the release of the live performance on YouTube. 

Check out the new releases from Joel Vaughn, Uche Aguilera and Revival Today Worship.

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