Jerusalem’s Only 24/7 Christian Radio Station Provides News from a Biblical Perspective

As the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict persists, U.S. subscribers to the Sky Angel Christian satellite TV and radio service are receiving the news from a perspective that unlike most mainstream reports hits closer to their faith: a biblical viewpoint straight from Jerusalem’s only 24/7 Christian radio station–a ministry that has suffered much since first establishing operations in South Lebanon in 1979.
“People want to hear news, but they want to know, what does this mean to me biblically?” said Jackie Yockey, president of High Adventure Ministries, which operates Voice of Jerusalem, the only Christian radio station broadcasting into the Middle East and parts of the world from the heart of Israel 24/7, and one of more than 30 TV and radio channels of Christian- family programming delivered into U.S. homes, churches and more via Sky Angel.
“Every day we receive a constant flow of information from the Israel Press Office and scan all of the available Israeli and international sources to find the stories which we believe our faithful listeners and prayer partners want to hear,” said Voice of Jerusalem Middle East Operations Manager Isaac Gronberg.
“We try to follow up on stories already abandoned by the secular press after the main headlines have faded. We also look for stories which they ignore,” added Jerusalem Bureau Chief Yuval Shomron, whose daughter was recently called to active duty in the Israeli army.
Staffers have not been immune to the Mideast violence. The ministry established its radio station in South Lebanon in 1979 at the request of the Israeli army and Major Sa’ad Hadad, then commander of the South Lebanese army sent to fight terror groups in the area. They were hopeful the broadcasts would serve as a bridge of communication with the South Lebanese people. The station and staff were repeatedly attacked by terror groups; five staff members lost their lives.
In 2000, when Israel withdrew its military from South Lebanon, the ministry had to immediately evacuate Lebanon and relocate operations to Jerusalem. Within weeks, three more staffers were killed as terrorists attacked the area, and the move cost the ministry more than $2 million to relocate families of other staff members.

“We encourage everyone to be in prayer for the safety of the Voice of Jerusalem staff,” said Sky Angel Vice President of Programming Kathleen Johnson. “These people are dedicated to reporting on news in the Middle East from a perspective not likely to be heard via the regular media, often times risking their lives. It’s important that Christians understand and be in prayer about unfolding events in the Middle East and their spiritual implications, and Sky Angel is grateful to be able to make this alternative news source available here in America.

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