Jeremy Camp and Josh Havens on Their Mothers

For Mother’s Day, Christian artists Jeremy Camp & Josh Havens Dish on Their Mothers

BEC recording artist Jeremy Camp

“My mom says that what makes her the proudest is knowing that I’m serving the Lord. She told me, ‘Jeremy if you weren’t doing music, if you weren’t doing ministry to thousands of people, but I knew that whatever you were doing was serving the Lord, that would make me proud.’ I was like, whoa.”

Josh Havens, lead singer for The Afters

“My mom has always been the kind of parent who encouraged me to do my best. She made sure that the focus of her life was being our mom. And she was very good at that. We always felt so loved. She always made sure that we knew we were the most important thing to her … I always wanted to go on the road and call it the ‘Make Your Mom Proud Tour’.”

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