Jennifer Martin’s Message from God -Found on a Sidewalk!

“Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” (Psalm 37:5)
TRUST JESUS. No doubt, like me, you’ve seen this phrase in blue spray paint, positioned on everything from rest area trash cans to bridges and overpasses, several times between here and your driving destination.
I was in Nashville for the first time four years ago, contemplating a move from Ft. Worth, TX to Music City, USA when I happened onto these familiar words on Music Row. To say I was gullible for any “leading” from the Lord is an understatement. Yet I was also so certain that God was going to use a lightning bolt or a neon sign to get my attention that I almost missed the writing on the wall…or in this case, the sidewalk.
Well, I did end up moving to Nashville some time ago, and though my move wasn’t completely based on these two words in blue graffiti, my survival, my walk, my joy in this town has been. “TRUST JESUS” has become the road map to success that I couldn’t find on sale at Davis-Kidd or at the right booth with the right tact at the Pancake Pantry. Trusting Jesus has opened doors to jobs, gigs, opportunities, relationships, and hope that I never could have concocted on my own.
When I honestly would have settled for one performance opportunity my whole life, He has given me hundreds. When I would have settled for a fall internship at a Christian record label, He blessed me with two job offers at Reunion by Christmas, not just one. When I would have settled for walking in the safe and the familiar of Ft. Worth, He brought me into my destiny, my ministry, my life in Him, in Nashville.
It’s risky stuff, this trust thing. Taking your desires and dreams, your struggles and sin, from your own hands and putting them in His. There’s always the possibility things may not go as planned. The truth is, they’ll go BETTER.
From our archives 1995.

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