Jason Gray – All The Lovely Losers




Although this release on Centricity Records is Jason’s major label debut he’s no stranger to the music
scene having previously released several indie type projects.
On All The Lovely LosersJason mixes a modern rock edged musical style along with pop lyrics to
achieve his own sound. Jason’s also got some of his music friends to help out on the project including; PFR’s Joel Hanson,
Sarah Groves, Andrew Peterson, and Waterdeep’s Lori Chafer.
The release starts off with the rocking song, “Blessed Be” that will have you clapping along while
listening to its lyrics of hope for the poor, broken, and weak who seek out the Kingdom of God.
The songs deal a lot with faith, grace and the need to surrender your life totally to the Lord in order
to receive your full blessings. Also just how easily your faith can be shaken sometimes leaving you
feeling broken, but know that there’s hope because you’re not in it alone. The songs weave between upbeat pop tempos with more melodic numbers mixed in to create a nice
flow to the entire project.
Jason’s vocals are spot-on and breath life into each song. With fine releases like this one you’ll be hearing a lot more music from Jason for many more years to
Jason Gray- http://www.jasongraymusic.com
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