Jars of Clay Music Review


Chris Buchanan
Aug 17, 2011




If you have not yet heard of Jars of Clay, you soon will, and if you have not yet heard Jars
of Clay, you'll soon want to. With this foursome, the typical approach of finding a secular
band comparison for a new Christian artists is simply impossible. The debut project from
Jars of Clay stands on its own musical identity actually creating a new musical genre
instead of just imitating one.

This folk-based rock alternative rock group integrates unusual sound effects throughout
their music without losing the integrity of the songs. Jars of Clay produced this disc
themselves with the exception of two cuts, "Liquid," and "Flood" (the first radio single)
which brought in the production talents of Adrian Belew, creating a couple of very notable

Jars of Clay is a true treasure worthwhile of your time and ears. The group should appeal
to fans of artists such as Rich Mullins and Iona.