January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month: Christian Leaders Speak Out

~ January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month and Christian Leaders Elizabeth Bradshaw, Doug Stroup and Brad Hopp Speak Out ~

The ‘Sound of Freedom movie has turned the world’s eye to the horror of human exploitation, and Human Trafficking Prevention Month turns our eyes to the important issue again.

Christian Leaders Respond to Human Trafficking Month

Christian leaders Elizabeth Bradshaw, Doug Stroup and Brad Hopp have been drawing attention to and responding to human trafficking long before the Sound of Freedom was released in the summer of 2023.

Elizabeth Bradshaw is the author of Montana Grace, a novel about the trafficking of children published in Jan. 2023. This story of a couple of children caught up in the harsh world of sex trafficking brings to light the enslavement of kids to be used as sex slaves.

In response to Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Bradshaw states, “I would encourage people to educate themselves about the topic. There is more information available now than ever before. Once you understand the depth of the issue, find a place to plug in and help where you can. Not everyone has to go under and be in danger to help!”

Doug Stroup is a Christian actor and filmmaker whose life and career nearly ended from traumatic brain injury suffered during a cycling accident. Stroup was interviewed recently by Houston FOX and other national outlets. 

Find out more about his film, Trafficked here:

Brad Hopp had a near-death accident, and now has 17 screws in his pelvis to hold him together. Out of gratitude for a Christian community that helped Hopp with more than $100,000 in medical bills, he founded Teshuah Tea to fund the rescue of young, trafficked women. Teshuah Tea sells coffee and Tea, but it also sells goods made by girls who have been rescued. 

He has been interviewed on national broadcasts. Here’s part of the story: 

Somewhere in East Asia, a man walks into a brothel. It’s a place of human slavery and degradation. This man has his eye on a certain teenager, although his reasons might surprise you as much as they are about to surprise the proprietor and security personnel in this hideous business establishment.

Suddenly fireworks go off somewhere in the building. Is that gunfire? In the pandemonium, the young woman and man sprint away to a safehouse. She has nothing but what she’s wearing, but she will happily begin the arduous journey to recovery and a better life. (More about the rescue at Townhall.com.)

Human Trafficking Prevention Month is a good opportunity to look into local ways to get involved in protecting women and children from this vile crime. Since January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month, what better time to get involved than now?

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