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Jamie’s new album Above the Noise is much different sounding then her last release, Reason to Live. This one has much more of a pop feel to it, while still keeping her worship song lyrics.
On this release Jamie wanted to put together a collection of songs that would help the listener to strip away and remove all of the unimportant distractions that a lot of us often let into our lives that interfere with worship. Jamie says, “I want people to sense the true passion for worship.”
During the period of time that this release was being recorded Jamie was dealing with the loneliness that comes from being out touring plus she was also dealing with a virus that she had contracted while on a mission’s trip outside of the U.S., some days she felt so drained that she wondered if she would even have the strength to record her vocals.
Dealing with all of that this release is filled with music that will at times have you dancing singing joyful praises while at other times have you on your knees crying.
Above the Noise has about 50% more pop sounding upbeat songs while the other 50% are more melodic and traditional. I liked both styles but I really noticed just what a great voice Jamie has on the more melodic songs like, “I Stand in Awe,” and “The Life I Live,” with their simple arrangements that really let Jamie’s vocals soar.
The passion that comes through in her songs is undeniable. She’s just not singing, these are emotions that are pouring out of her heart.
This is what I call a whole family type album. The more upbeat pop numbers will please the younger kid’s ear while the more melodic songs will have a familiar sound that the more mature ear will appreciate.
Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on the worship experience that’s found on Jamie Jamgochian’s new release, Above The Noise.
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