Jamie & Chris Kearney:The Color of Light

~ Jamie & Chris Kearney: The Color of Light ~

Jamie & Chris Kearney —Latest Release: The Color of Light

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In 1985, one of the hottest bands on the Christian Music Scene was Bash ‘n the Code. I remember the first time I saw them in concert at Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium: the high energy show, the great,
tight music, the bright colors and and innovative choreography, and the sheer FUN of the performance. When I was offered the chance to work with the band one year later as a booking agent, I jumped at the opportunity.

Working out of the band’s house in Antioch, I had the unique opportunity of getting to know each band member personally and formed relationships that have endured for 15 years with Keith Lancaster, Mark
Townsend, Kirk Eberhard and with Chris and Jamie Kearney, the talented drummer and lead vocalist for Bash.

Recently, Chris and Jamie have taken up their instruments again and are now performing simply as Chris and Jamie Kearney. They live in Nashville, TN, with their children Isabella and Isaiah.

Together Jamie and Chris have been involved in christian music for most of their professional lives. In 1981 Chris joined the contemporary Christian band Bash-N-the Code where he continued until 1991. In 1987, Jamie joined as the band’s diminutive, high-energy lead singer, and they spent the first five years of their marriage on the road together.

After leaving the band, both Jamie and Chris stayed involved in Christian music. Chris played drums and percussion both on the road and in the studio, working with such noteworthies as: Steve Taylor, Kerry
Livgren, Steve and Annie Chapman, The Christ Church Choir, and Jonathon Pierce.

Jamie used her visual gifts to create wardrobes for stage and album cover photo shoots and has “dressed” Michael W. Smith, CeCe Winans, Steve Green, Clay Crosse, Margaret Becker, Avalon and many

Working with such a wonderfully eclectic assortment of artist, and encouraged by the love and teaching of their pastors and friends, Jamie and Chris continued to develop in the diverse ways God uses and molds His children.

During the last four years, Chris has been working as a drummer with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The excellence and integrity in which the BGEA ministers to its team members and families, as well as the crusade congregation, has been a gift and inspiration to the Kearneys. It is to this excellence to which Jamie and Chris aspire, and it is with thankful hearts that they hope to bring their music, ministry, family, and themselves to you.

“In moments like these as I sit in my hammock under a one hundred year old tree with a gentle breeze blowing and I watch our children giggle and splash in the kiddie pool, I know God is good,” states Jamie. “His love and grace has embraced our lives so that even on the days that are less peaceful than today’s bliss, He gives us the strength to have joy.”

Continuing the thought, Jamie says about their project, “The music on The Color of Light is our reflection on how we have found and maintain that joy. The music was not written or even recorded all at one time as a project with a theme but as I look back over it even today, I see it as a journey. We are all on life’s journey, and there are as many paths as there are people. What remains the same is God. Whatever path we are on, He will meet us and guide us through. It is His desire for us to experience His way of life, The Color of Light.”

Ministry Desire
To walk daily with the Lord
To worship and lead others to worship
To reflect truth to the world
To lift up the family as the core of the church community and society
To create irresistibly beautiful music reflecting
Contemporary culture in an authentic and intensely personal way

Chris Kearney
(615) 254-4491, or KearneyTn@aol.com.

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