Island Ministries International

Island Ministries International (IMI), part of the Maritime Ministries World Wide family of ministries, has been formed to address the spiritual needs of the people in the remote islands of Okinawa, Japan. IMI was formed as a business as opposed to a non-profit organization to avoid being restricted in its activities by the Japanese government. The Okinawa-based company which offers mission trips for small groups of 8 to 12 people, considers evangelism to be its most important “product.”
According to Agape Press, the area where IMI does its outreach presents a number of challenges for missionaries: the islands are located in the so-called “10/40 Window” and stretch over 600 miles within what is known as “Typhoon Alley” — a region that often experiences as many as 12 hurricanes annually. Most of the villages on the outer islands are small with limited resources, and they are often characterized by water shortages and lack of medical care facilities. Idolatry and ancestor worship are prevalent, as is poverty. Agape Press on Island Ministries International
The mission of IMI is to reach the lost on remote islands beginning with the Ryukyu Islands, provide fellowship for isolated Christians, and facilitate ministry opportunities for the Body of Christ. By establishing relationships with the islanders and addressing their other physical needs, IMI is able to introduce them to Jesus. IMI asks supporters to pray for the ministry and to partner with it by becoming members, donating supplies, or going on an IMI mission trip.
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