Ipse Dixit Christian Community Theatre Christmas Production

Ipse Dixit’s Christmas Production

* Four Wise Women and a Man

* Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Ipse Dixit Choir
and other Christmas Hymns

* “The Searchers”, A Dramatic Comedy

Why does it take a certain wise woman so long in the oasis restroom? Because at every stop she reads a sign which says “clean restroom,” and according to her it takes about half an hour if she’s going to do a really good job of cleaning it!

The Searchers is a light-hearted look at the
sometimes-not-so wise women who go in search of the newborn king. Once they arrive at the stable in Bethlehem, however, the three searchers find all that they have sought and hoped for, a tiny baby who would be king.

* “The Fourth Wise Man,” a drama

A dramatic presentation of the Legend of the Fourth Wise Man, which blends humor and sincerity as it draws to a heart-wrenching conclusion.
During the course of his thirty-year search for the Christ, Artaban uses the three precious gems, which he has brought as gifts for the Christ child, to
help several people in need. Artaban, finally finds the Christ … on a
hill called Calvary.

* Special Music and Liturgical Dance worshiping the Christ child who
came on a special night long ago and changed the world …

November 30, December 1-2, 2000
7:00 PM Thursday, Friday, Saturday
2:30 PM Saturday Afternoon Matinee
The Auditorium in
The 610 Building (The Christianson Building)
610 West College Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
>From the intersection of Memorial Blvd & NW Broad Street:
South on Broad, turn left (East) onto W. Lytle Street which
intersects with W. College Street and The 610 Building.*
Additional landmark:
Red Rose Bistro next door to The 610 Building.
For Further Information:
Contact: Kay McCoin 867-0720

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