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Blake Bollinger is a solo artist whose pop/rock sound and infectious lyrics will keep you coming back for more. Building up a heavy following in the Texas college scene, Bollinger is ready to take his fresh and catchy sound nationwide with the release of his debut solo album, “No Holiday.”
Leann: Tell about the songs on the new CD and how you were inspired to write them.

Blake: All of the songs on the CD are about things that I have either experienced or have watched others experience. In order to write a song, I have to really be passionate about the subject. My goal is to find a way to drive the point home in a unique and profound way. I love to write songs that have redemptive qualities; that start with a struggle and end with hope. For example, in my song “No Holiday,” the chorus asks, “Am I doing this right, doing it best… can I be good enough to find some rest… there’s no holiday from me.” The song’s bridge is the point of redemption where Christ makes all things new — He ransoms our hearts… and leads into the final chorus from His perspective which says, “You’re doing just fine, doing your best, don’t have to be good enough, come and find some rest, there’s no holiday from me.”
I also love to use play on words. For example, in my song “Time,” the chorus says, “Time for you to own my life, the time for you is now, Time for you to own my life, won’t you take your time.” My goal was to create songs that connect with all people, but are particularly meaningful and relevant to Believers. I’m very pleased with the result and am excited to share it with the world.
Leann: What makes this CD different from your other CDs?
Blake: This is my first CD project as a solo artist. I have played with the worship band Destination Known ( All of our projects to date have been worship oriented, utilizing both cover and original worship songs. All of the songs on my new CD are original and more concert and performance oriented with strong themes of hope and redemption.
Leann: How long have you been working on this CD?
Blake: As with everyone’s first CD, this project is a collection of my life’s songs. Some are many years old and some were created only months ago. The bulk of the recording however began in March 2007.
Leann: What’s your favorite song on the CD and why?
Blake: I think the last track, “Take it All,” is my favorite. The words of the song really convey my heart to God. The chorus says, “Take it all, take all of me, take it all, take everything, and take it now, I don’t want it back, take all that I have and all I lack, take it all.”
God gives us gifts to use for His kingdom, but He also allows us to have faults and flaws that leave us totally dependent on Him. When we give Him the things that we consider weaknesses, He can turn them into something beautiful and complete.
Leann: How has your music changed over the years?
Blake: I think my music has gone up a few notches in the “rock n roll” category since I first started. Probably true with many musicians, my earliest songs were basically piano or acoustic ballads, but as I experienced how fun it is to engage a crowd with a high-energy song, I definitely started heading in that direction artistically.
Leann: Tell about some of the events you’ve performed at…
Blake: I’ve led worship with my band Destination Known at hundreds of events around the country over the last decade (I can’t believe it’s been that long!). One of my recent favorites was at Texas A&M’s “Rez Week” with Josh McDowell and John Piper. John is one of my heroes and to get to worship with 2,500 students who had just been challenged with an amazing word from him was an experience I’ll never forget.
Leann: What’s your favorite part of what you do?
Blake: It’s all about connecting. When I see someone singing along to a song or get an e-mail about someone moved by the lyrics, that’s what satisfies me. To take a thought or an idea, put it into a song, record it, release it, and connect with it… that is truly exciting.
Leann: What are your upcoming plans for ministry?
Blake: I currently serve at 2nd Baptist Church Houston’s Pearland Campus as the worship leader. I love being part of such a great church and getting to connect and minister with an awesome church family on a weekly basis. I’m in the process of booking concerts and worship events as well and am humbled and grateful for an opportunity to get to spread the Good News through the powerful vehicle of music.
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