Insecure Men Don’t Like Intelligent Women



Insecure men don’t like intelligent women.
If you think I’m wrong just look at Barney and Helen,
Instead of grading school exams
He thought she should cook legs of lambs;
A woman should know her place in Mayberry.
When Ellie ran for council, the men all ganged against her –
A fine example of the “good ole’ boys” network.
Instead of helping run the city,
She should stay at home looking pretty;
A woman should know her place in Mayberry.
When the men sit around and gossip, we think it’s funny,
But if the gossip is Clara, its another matter, honey!
Can those gossiping men be so cute
When Clara’s conduct seems so rude?
A woman should know her place in Mayberry.
Or take, for example, the case of Goober and Flora,
As long as she worked at the diner, Goober adored her.
But when Wally’s became her career
Goober pouted; Andy interfered,
Nudging Flora towards a woman’s place in Mayberry.
Thank goodness for intelligence frequently found in Andy.
Without men like him, Mayberry wouldn’t be so dandy.
Although it often takes him time,
He usually comes around just fine,
Helping women find their true place in Mayberry!

One last thought before this poem is finally over –
One truth remains for the reader to discover:
Insecure men don’t pick bright gals
To be their equals, peers, or their pals…
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