Indescribable Tour

Words cannot express the heart and passion behind Chris Tomlin’s 26-city tour this fall.
It is truly indescribable.
Each night focuses on the greatness of God, as worshippers lift up praise to their Creator and are inspired by a powerful message delivered by Louie Giglio, founder and director of Passion Conferences.
A highly charged video sequence kicked off the evening by previewing the tour’s themes of praising God, proclaiming His greatness, love, power and grandeur. The video electrified the crowd and they were on their feet immediately as Tomlin began the worship song, “Forever.”
Tomlin’s songwriting is synonymous with integrity and is impacting churches around the globe, as well as fellow musicians. His popularity among churches is largely credited to the humility and passion he displays while leading others in worship.
“You don’t want people following you,” he noted. “You want people following God. I think you see that in a great example from King David. He had a very humble heart before God and really sought after God.”
After reminding the crowd that this night is “all about God,” the crowd echoed Tomlin’s sentiments by singing along to “Holy is the Lord,” followed by “Famous One.”
Then, Tomlin introduced the special guests on his first headlining tour, Giglio and worship leader Matt Redman. Redman’s passion for worship is evident in each of his selections, such as “Blessed be your Name,” “Heart of Worship,” “Dancing Generation,” and “Let Everything that Has Breath.”
Giglio delivered a dynamic message about how “indescribable” God truly is. In an excellent presentation filled with the wonders of astronomy, it allows people to discover the amazing magnitude of God’s greatness and grace.
Worshippers responded to Giglio’s message with prayer and praise as Tomlin and Redman began singing “The Wonderful Cross” — which segued into a 15-minute intermission, during which time worshippers were invited to reflect on the message as verses appeared on the screens.
The second half was definitely a celebration, as Tomlin began by reflecting on our purpose of worshipping and praising our Creator.
The crowd was especially energetic during songs from Tomlin’s newest album, such as “On our Side,” “The Way I was Made,” and “Your Grace is Enough.”
Tomlin then switched gears as he played the piano and led the worshippers in “Enough,” “We Fall Down,” and “Indescribable.” The evening concluded with a powerful combination of “How Great Is Our God” and “How Great Thou Art.”
As one attendee said, “It was the three most incredible hours of worship I’ve ever experienced in my life. Beginning to end, it was heavenly…”
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