Lisa Whelchel
Feb 28, 2011




Gardening is a wonderful way to teach patience to our kids. Buy some strawberry
seeds, potting soil, and a pot. With your child, plant the seeds and tend them
together. When the first green strawberry appears, let your child eat one. Then
make her wait until the fruit is completely ripe before she can have another.
Then talk with her about how much better the strawberry tasted when she waited
until it was ripe. This is true of many things. If we are patient, things will
be much sweeter.

If gardening is too time-consuming or isn't practical for you, you can also teach
this object lesson by purchasing ripe and unripe fruit from the grocery store.
Then, the next time your child is acting impatient, ask her if she really wants
"the bitter fruit of impatience," or if she would rather wait for "the sweetness
that comes from being patient."



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