How to Discover the Old Testament Made Simple

Discover the Who, When and Where of the Old Testament in This Easy-to-Use Cliff-Notes Style Book

If you need a quick overview of the Old Testament, the handy “The Old Testament Made Amazingly Simple” will walk you through almost every book giving the high points. As part of the ‘Made Amazingly Simple’ series, all 929 chapters of The Old Testament have been condensed into enjoyable ‘cliff-notes’ style summaries.

Book Features

Each book is laid out in beautifully designed, two page cheat-sheets, so you can:

‣ Uncover who authored the book and when it was written
‣ Learn the significance behind each book
‣ Master the notable versus you need to know
‣ Easily understand the key lessons each book is trying to teach us
‣ Enjoy the most popular stories from each chapter

From Genesis through Daniel, each book of the Old Testament is briefly covered, providing insight and background on each book. Each book is simplified with the most popular stories and many important verses included in the summary. While most of the books have a minimal outline, the last 12 books from the Minor Prophets are very briefly touched upon.

Lots of white space makes this book exceptionally easy to read, and there is plenty of space to add your own thoughts and notes.

This is a good introduction to the Old Testament as well as a decent refresher course. My only suggestion would be to include fewer misc. quotes and prayers and instead utilize more Old Testament quotes, stories and highlights.

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