How to Be Among the Redeemed

“I am the way the truth and the life” said The Master Jesus when he was on Earth.
Take hold of it friend for it is true today, in the strength of His mighty Worth
For after you die, it is too late
So be sure to be among the redeemed to enter the Heavenly Gate.
Give Him your heart while you are still alive for Salvation is the gift, the key
Simply say, “Lord God forgive me for my sins” and leave the past to He….
Who is the Living God who to our hearts gives this precious call
Say “Lord Jesus come into my heart, my life, my all………
It is given to use, fill me Lord with Your Power -Your Holy Spirit
Now show me God’s Love and let me be in it.
You know You love me Lord God and I love Thee
Guide me forever and please do Thy Will in me.
And show me the way to go each day to get an early start
To put You first and Light the Light of Your Word and Your Love in my heart.
Next I daily plead the blood of Christ over me, my loved ones, my family
Hedge your Angels round about us smoothing the way, protecting completely
Blessing the hearts and lives alike, of family, friends and foe
May they be among the redeemed that they choose Thee and know
Guide me ever Lord- impart Your blessings anointed through me to bestow
Thank You for all the blessings you give me, in Your Way I go
Jesus place people on my path you want to touch though my life each day,
Go with me on Earth Lord I give You the glory let there be no delay
On Earth as it is in Heaven so be it Lord, I say ‘Yes choose me.’
You reappear when the time is ripe – Lord Jesus You Gloriously come quickly.”


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