How Nerdy Is Nashville?

~ 2022’s Geekiest Cities: How Geeky Is Music City? ~

Hey Nashville nerds! July 13 is Embrace Your Geekness Day. Whether you’re a gamer, tech wizard, or just dream of intergalactic travels, there are many places where you can live out your geeky dreams, but just how nerdy is Nashville?

Nashville plays host to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, Comic Con, Lord of the Rings groups, LARP groups, and other nerdy enterprises, so we certainly have our fair share of proud geeks and nerds here. But how geeky is Music City compared to other big cities?

To mark Embrace Your Geekness Day, Lawn Love ranked 2022’s Geekiest Cities.They compared the 200 largest U.S. cities, using metrics like stores selling comics, video games, trading cards, and board games. They also looked at the number of geek Meetup groups, costume shops (for cosplayers), and whether the city has hosted events like Comic-Cons and Renaissance festivals. 

Nashville’s Rank on List of Nerdiest Cities

How Nerdy Is Nashville?

Nashville is only moderately geeky, coming in at #30, but Music City is the nerdiest city in Tennessee with Chattanooga coming in at #38 and Memphis following at #54. Nashville landed in the top 20 for Community but landed a low 121 for Costumes Access.

Geek out with LawnLove’s city rankings and analysis to plot out where you can live long and prosper (or visit for a nerdy adventure.)

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