Homosexual Activist Blames Pastors for Murder

“Radical homosexual activist Matt Foreman, of the Gay and Lesbian Task Force, spoke in a very irresponsible manner, slandering the reputations of Christian ministers in Broward County by inferring that they are in some way responsible for the murder of Simmie Williams,” said Rev. Gary Cass, of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. “Foreman is guilty of gross Christian bashing, the very kind of bashing he says he opposes against homosexuals.”
In a video posted on the Sun Sentinel website, Foreman declares that the pulpits of Broward County are teaching hatred of homosexuals, inferring that Christian ministers are in some way responsible for the murder of Simmie Williams Jr. who was found dead in Broward County on a sidewalk dressed as a woman.
“Radical homosexuals like Foreman are quick to exploit this tragic situation for their own political purposes and in order to bash Christians,” said Cass. “Matt Foreman owes the ministers of Broward County an apology.”
“Faithful Christian churches must oppose homosexual behavior, just as they must oppose other behavior they consider to be sinful, but where is the proof that any minister has ever suggested or condoned violence,” asked Cass. “The fact is, no one knows who killed Simmie Williams Jr. or why. It is pretty safe to assume that the murderer was not a church member acting on advice from his pastor.”
The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission is a non- profit organization devoted to protecting the rights of Christians to confidently live their faith. Dr. Gary Cass has degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary. He previously served as Executive Director of the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, an outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries founded by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy.


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