Historic Pro-Life Vote Set for Thursday Morning

Senate Joint Resolution 127 (SJR 127) calls for a public vote to allow Tennesseans to determine abortion policy in our state rather than activist judges. The resolution comes in response to the landmark abortion decision of 2000 in which the Tennessee Supreme Court wrongly ruled 4-1 that the Tennessee Constitution contains a fundamental abortion right even broader than Roe v. Wade or the federal constitution.
As a result, common sense laws supported by broad majorities of Tennesseans were immediately stripped away including informed consent for women considering abortion, a 48 hour waiting period, and hospitalization requirements for second and third trimester abortion. In addition, the pro-abortion ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Sundquist has been used to strike down a law requiring the regulation of abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical centers.
Tennessee’s pro-abortion policy is now among the most radical of any state or nation with no pro-life law safe from legal challenge. SJR 127 would make clear that the publicly accountable state Legislature is responsible for public policy on abortion—not a handful of activist judges.
In a Matter of Life and Death, Every Tennessean Should Have a Say.
Let the People Vote! Support SJR 127 without Amendment.


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