His Paint Brush: Painting with a Message

Emerging watercolorist, Michele E. Struss was born with a form of Dwarfism that has caused many limitations; yet her life has proved that there are no limits with God. Michele is a gifted painter and motivational speaker, causing her audience to look beyond what is seen to what is unseen and limitless.
A painter from an early age, Michele laid down her watercolors to study graphic design at Messiah College, but her passion remained for painting. “Michele has no choice but to create. She is one that has been chosen by God, and gifted accordingly,” says renowned Christian artist, Ron DiCianni. “That gifting cannot be bought for any price. It is bestowed on those whom God will bestow. I would rather have that than all the talent or technique in the world.”
After graduating with a BA in art with a concentration in graphic design, Michele returned to her watercolors with a new understanding of color and layout and a tighter style than before. The result was an unorthodox approach to watercolors, leading many to believe that her paintings are photographs. “When I saw “My Hero,” an inspirational watercolor by Michele E. Struss, I was struck first by the realism. I almost thought I was looking at a photograph,” says Kathryn E. Darden, publisher of Christian Activities Magazine and ChristianActivities.com. “However, it is the inspirational subject matter that left a powerful lasting impression on me.”
This is an answer to Michele’s longtime prayer for purpose in her work. God has since called her to paint those whom her heart is burdened for. “I have been wondering who are the ones that will take my place, someday. I think Michele is one of those, because her art is born out of conviction, and created out of experience,” stated DiCianni. She is currently working on a series of children from around the world as well as various depictions of Christ. To view Michele’s work or learn more about her ministry visit www.hispaintbrush.com.
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