Hidden Secrets in Theaters April 30




Homosexuality, abortion and promiscuity are just a few of the issues pioneering Christian filmmaker, Pure Flix Entertainment, tackles in their upcoming theatrical release, “Hidden Secrets.”
“Our story is about real people with real struggles. Christians deal with these issues every day,” said producer and co-star David A.R. White (“Mercy Streets,” “The Moment After”). “We know that in churches around the country we find people who have either had an abortion, struggled with homosexuality, or given in to sexual temptation, yet we would rather not talk about it. With ‘Hidden Secrets,’ we decided it was time to tear off the blinders, and let people see that Christians are affected by these issues. We want people to see that there is hope and redemption, no matter what the issue. We also wanted to approach these topics in a humorous way, because laughter helps in dealing with life when it gets tough.”
The plot of the film centers around the sudden death of a Christian “hometown hero,” and the longtime friends and family that gather for his funeral. Together for the first time in years, some begin to reveal hurts and mistakes they have been hiding from one another.
The characters range from the film’s star, John Schneider (“Dukes of Hazzard,” “Smallville”), as the deceased’s atheist boss to a Christian end-times author’s wife – the stereotypical judgmental fundamentalist.

“This is the first time I’ve read a script where the voice of skepticism is accurately written in a script about Christianity,” Schneider said. He appreciated that the film is not “preachy,” and emphasized that while it is important to do Christian films, it is more important how they are done. “Christian films are supposed to make you go ‘hmmm.’”

“The Bold and the Beautiful” TV star Tracy Melchior plays Sherry Hayden, sister of the fallen hometown hero. Her past casts a looming shadow over her family and herself. Melchior was drawn to the script for its message about grace and forgiveness. “The character is what captured my attention,” she said. “I could relate to her a lot, and to the idea of how we punish ourselves for our sin. I think it was just handled really well.”
Reginald Vel Johnson (“Die Hard,” “Family Matters”) plays the hometown church pastor and Staci Keanan (“Step by Step,” “My Two Dads”) fills out the third role in a fragile love triangle.
The full-length film features the music of Christian artists Building 429 and Rachael Lampa, who also plays a role in the film. She identified with the theme of redemption, and appreciated the character development in the story. “You follow these characters through their struggles and their questions. At the end you get to see how they come out of it and experience joy. They search for God and find Him,” she said.
The Dove Foundation has given its “Seal of Approval,” calling it a “powerful film,” “boldly dealing with controversial subjects” and “leading to a satisfying conclusion.” The American Family Association gives it high marks for solid acting and believable character portrayals.

“Hidden Secrets” will hold its national premiere in more than 200 theaters in 26 markets for the date of April 30 only. Screenings were previously held in select markets on Feb. 28 and March 1 with audiences and critics both expressing approval for the film.
More information is available at www.hiddensecrets-themovie.com, where tickets may be purchased in advance for the one-night national premiere. Promotional materials are also provided for churches and groups who want to get involved.
“Hidden Secrets” is the first theatrical release from Pure Flix Entertainment, which produces, distributes, acquires and markets Christian and family-friendly film properties. The company’s mission is to transform the human spirit through values-based entertainment. More information about the company is available at www.pureflixentertainment.com
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