Harvard Turns Its Back on Its Beginnings

Established in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. The college was founded for the purpose of training clergy for the new commonwealth, and was established by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

It was named after the College’s first benefactor, a young minister named John Harvard of Charlestown. Upon his death in 1638, he left his library and half his estate to the institution. A statue of John Harvard stands today in front of University Hall in Harvard Yard.

After God had carried us safe to New-England, and wee had builded our houses, provided necessaries for our livelihood, rear’d convenient places for Gods worship, and setled the Civill Government: One of the next things we longed for, and looked after was to advance Learning and perpetuate it to Posterity; dreading to leave an illiterate Ministery to the Churches, when our present Ministers shall lie in the Dust. And as we were thinking and consulting how to effect this great work, it pleased God to stir up the heart of one Mr. Harvard (a godly gentleman and a lover of learning; then living amongst us) to give one-half of his estate (it being in all about £1,700) towards the erecting of a Colledge, and all his library…The Colledge was by common consent appointed to be at Cambridge…and is called (according to the name of the first founder) Harvard Colledge.New England’s First Fruits” (1643)

Harvard University’s (1636) original seal was inscribed with the Latin word VERITAS, “(divine) truth.” They later added “for the glory of Christ,” and then replaced it with “Truth for Christ and Church.” By Harvard’s 300th anniversary, it dropped all reference to Christ. Unfortunately, Harvard has turned farther and farther away from its roots to become a regular opponent of the values it was built upon and once stood for.

In 2005 we reported on Harvard accepting Saudi Arabian Prince Allaweed’s $20 million donation to Harvard and Georgetown for Islamic studies. In other words, Harvard accepted money from a country that has a zero tolerance policy towards any religion except Islam. It has a long record of arresting, imprisoning and even torturing Christians and indoctrinating children from a young age to hate Christians, Jews and the United States.

Recently Harvard has come under fire when the school was granted, and was accepting, $8.7 million in federal aid. The university already has an endowment valued at $40.9 billion as of June 2019. Then the university received additional funding under $14-billion program targeted at educational institutions in the $2.2-trillion relief package passed by Congress late last month. To save face the university initially said it will use all those new funds for students. Hours later, after ongoing criticism, the university joined Princeton and other institutions saying it would not accept the money at all.

But Harvard’s problems go much further back than the stimulus money. Here are three recent examples.

Harvard Withdraws Admission from Kyle Kashuv

In January 2019, Harvard announced it had withdrawn admission from Parkland survivor and outspoken conservative Kyle Kashuv over racist, offensive, posts written on a private Google document with friends when he was sixteen years old. Kashuv had apologized publicly for the comments and his public behavior at the time of his application was not racist. However, the University still penalized the conservative student for private comments made when he was a younger teen. Has Harvard been keeping track of all the private comments of its other, more liberal applicants, or penalizing them for things said years before?

Harvard Liberals Try to Censor Student Paper

In September of 2019, Harvard once again created a stir after a campus demonstration calling for the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). After covering the demonstration, the school newspaper, the Crimson, contacted ICE for comment to include its article. This angered the group that organized the anti-ICE protest, Act on a Dream. The organization drummed up and circulated a petition, supported by other Harvard groups (such as Harvard College Democrats). The petition demanded that the Crimson “apologize for the harm they inflicted on the undocumented community; critically engage with and change their policies that require calling ICE for comment; [and] declare their commitment to protecting undocumented students on campus.” Apparently the loudly aggressive liberal machine at Harvard considers simply trying to report both sides of a story to be “harmful” to the delicate sensitivities of the illegal undocumented community.

Harvard’s Elizabeth Bartholet Attacks Homeschooling

More recently the school has once again found itself in the spotlight, this time for comments made about homeschooling by Harvard professor Elizabeth Bartholet. A professor at Harvard’s law school. Bartolet recently called homeschooling “essentially authoritarian control,” calling it “dangerous” for children to spend their days with their parents.

“I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total authority,” she said, painting parents who homeschool as dictators who are brainwashing children. In the professor’s opinion, is Harvard somehow more caring and less likely to “brainwash” impressionable youth than their parents?

Harvard has repeatedly turned its back on its original purpose and has regularly become the antitheses of what its founders originally visualized and planned. It no longer focuses on training young people in Biblical truths, but instead the powerful university focuses on indoctrinating students in liberal causes, brainwashing the young minds that go there with its increasingly liberal agenda. This loss of a moral compass may have far-flung repercussions.

Possible Ties to Wuhan?

In Jan. 2020, Charles Lieber, the chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, was arrested and charged with making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to the U.S. Defense Department. Lieber hid his ties to a Chinese government program to recruit foreign scientists and research known as the “Thousand Talents Plan.” The U.S. had previously flagged the program as a serious intelligence concern. He is also accused of lying about about a lucrative contract he signed with China’s Wuhan University of Technology. According to an FBI affidavit, Lieber was awarded more than $1.5 million by WUT and the Chinese government to establish a research lab and conduct research at WUT. Harvard denied knowledge and said it was cooperating with officials, but it’s another in a series of black eyes for Harvard.

Harvard President Claudine Gay’s Legacy of Failures

In 2023 Harvard University President Claudine Gay was revealed to have put together a racist task force after the death of George Floyd. The stated goal it Gay’s task force was “to diminish the number of white men who were visible in campus spaces,” particularly when it came to portraits that were hung on campus walls.

This followed Gay being uncovered as a plagiarist as well as her recent appearance before Congress weeks where she attempted to condemn the anti-semitic protests and calls for Jewish genocide that took place at Harvard.

John Harvard deserves a refund.

First published April 23,2020. Updated 12/21/13.

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